From our work with community colleges to universities, technical schools, and career colleges, we’ve got quite a tenure with Higher Education marketing. In fact, using the emfluence Marketing Platform and our experienced Higher Education agency team, we’ve successfully increased Higher Education conversion rates by at least 5% and helped drive in more than a million dollars in additional revenue using email nurtures alone. That’s a powerful impact for Admissions teams looking for a recruiting edge—but that’s not all we can do for your school. With experience in every part of the student lifecycle, we can improve your conversions and engagement, from finding prospective students to enrollment, the first year of school, preparing for graduation, and long-term alumni relationships.

Digital Marketing for Higher Education

emfluence has a storied history of working in Higher Education marketing. With our experience across a range of universities, career colleges, technical schools, and more, a good Higher Education marketing strategy for digital communications should include:

Turning Leads into Students

Using the emfluence Marketing Platform, we can automate contact with prospective students to assure timely follow-through with a personalized touch that conveys the feeling of speaking with a personal Admissions advisor. Once the student enrolls, we can use tracking data to determine the most successful channels of new student generation and recommend tactics to convert more students in the future.

Connecting with Existing Students

Once your students are enrolled, your digital marketing efforts should shift into engagement mode. Using a combination of social media, email, and content marketing, we can help you create a consistent stream of communication focused on helping your existing students get the most out of their education experience.

Engaging Students Post-Graduation

What’s your Alumni marketing plan? Engaging your recently graduated students can have a big impact on your future referral and advocate marketing efforts. emfluence can help you create targeted, long-term Alumni campaigns designed to create a network of referrals, share success stories with prospective students, and fundraise for future initiatives your Alumni care about.


emfluence understands your requirements for confidentiality and data security in all that we do and develop for you. We’re experienced digital partners for today’s Higher Education marketer, and we’ll ensure what you build meets the security and privacy requirements you need to protect your student’s information.

What We Recommend in Higher Education Marketing

Email and Marketing Automation

Looking for an easy way to stay connected at every point of the student lifecycle? Email and marketing automation can help you create personalized, automated campaigns that speak to where a student is located on your education timeline. Whether you’re recruiting new students, engaging existing students, or staying in touch with recent graduates, we have a roadmap to proven success.

Student Generated Content

There’s no one better to share your story than a happy student. Using social media and email, we can help you create a stream of student stories you can showcase in ongoing recruitment and fundraising efforts.

Social Media

Social networks are the ideal ad platforms for finding new students. Through smart, targeted spend you can reach large audiences of potential students consistently and efficiently. Social media is where your school can offer targeted programs—based on their interests and search results—that talk with prospective students, not at them.

ADA Compliance

Creating a diverse experience that facilitates learning for all means creating a digital experience with roots in ADA compliance. From email to ADA website design, we can ensure your digital assets are accessible to students with disabilities.

Website Design and Development

Have you considered ADA compliance for your website? What about security? Or friendly user experience? Whether you’re in need of a custom development or just an audit of your student experience, we’ve got you covered.

Now What?

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