So intuitive, you’ll swear it was built just for you.

We built the emfluence Marketing Platform with marketers in mind. Our philosophy is that usability is as important as functionality. Digital marketing isn’t just sending an email now and then or posting a photo to your favorite social media channel.


To be a successful digital marketer, you’ll need a complex recipe of strategy, timing, response, and engagement. You’ll need a means for driving inbound leads and a plan for closing them. And once they’re closed, you’ll need a flexible tool to keep in touch with customers and transform them into advocates. Most of all, you’ll need a platform that handles the hard work so you can focus on the most important element of all: your strategy.




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In the emfluence Marketing Platform Toolbox


email marketingEmail Marketing

Creating an email shouldn’t be the most difficult thing on your plate. Our drag and drop email marketing platform allows you to create beautiful, personalized emails in an intuitive workflow.
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Marketing Automationmarketing automation

Visually create your automated marketing campaigns using the emfluence Marketing Platform drag-and-drop Workflow Canvas.
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website trackingWebsite Tracking

Gather actionable data on how (and where) your Contacts are engaging with your website, plus build targeted remarketing campaigns.
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social media marketingSocial Media

Create, schedule, and track social media messages across multiple channels and integrate social messages into email campaign metrics with ease.
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landing pagesLanding Pages

Now that you’re reaching your audience, they’ll need a great place to land. Create interactive, customizable landing pages on the fly.
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form builderForm Builders

Use our form builder to quickly create and implement forms for website leads, event registrations, and to grow your own email lists.
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Our online survey tool makes it easy to find out what your customers and employees think about your brand and services.
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This key part of the emfluence Marketing Platform assists in the ever-important planning of your email marketing and social media campaigns.
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modalsModals & Lightboxes

Ready to start growing your email subscriber list? Have timely offers you’d like included on your site? Of course you do (you’re a smart marketer).
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reportingReporting & Analytics

Get the tools you need to report on emails, social posts, campaigns, website traffic, contacts growth, and lead generation in one spot.
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