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Send Joe's eCommerce Website Launch

Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que wanted to generate awareness and interest in their new "Send Joe's Bar-B-Que" service. That included driving traffic to their website as well as increasing the time spent on site and increasing their email subscriber numbers for follow-up email marketing campaigns. See how their launch campaign turned into a DMA International ECHO Award for Best Web/Ecommerce campaign.

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Google Sends Warnings for HTTP Sites

For the past several years, Google has been pushing site security to webmasters. HTTPS has been an organic ranking signal since at least 2014. When browsing on an HTTP website, instead of HTTPS, a third-party can insert ads that aren’t on the original webpage, inject cryptocurrency mining software (here is a popular example of this recently), or redirect you to a different site in order to steal your username and password.   HTTP Not Secure Warning Starting July 24th, along with the launch of Google Chrome 68, Chrome will display […]

How SEO Can Boost Your Marketing Automation

How SEO Can Boost Your Marketing Automation Efforts

I will be speaking about how SEO can help you get the most out of your marketing automation efforts at the emfluence And Then Some Conference 2018 on August 24th. Here is a sneak peek at what you can expect to learn! Building leads and lists through organic traffic Optimizing high-traffic webpages with conversions in mind Utilizing keyword research strategies for segmented lists and delivering targeted content   Building leads and lists through organic traffic Organic search and marketing automation are the perfect duo. Optimizing your site for search engines […]

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How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to the 2018 And Then Some Conference

You know the value in attending the emfluence And Then Some Conference. But how do you relay that effectively when asking for your company’s support in sending you? Getting time off and budget approval can be a real challenge sometimes, so here are three things you can share with the budget-boss in your life to help elicit a successful send-off: It’s designed to enhance your skillset. It presents an opportunity to connect with Kansas City’s brightest digital marketing minds and a variety of local, regional and national organizations. You’ll be […]

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