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Pacejet Doubles Paid Media Conversions

Pacejet had been engaged in paid media campaigns to generate awareness and attract new prospects. They invited the emfluence team to evaluate their strategy and provide recommendations on how they could increase their lead volume without increasing spend. In the first month alone, Pacejet’s media spend was down almost 50% during ramp-up, yet conversions were up 68% month over month, conversion rate improved by 140%, and cost per conversion improved 65%.

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ios 14 privacy mandates

Apple Launches iOS 14 with New Privacy Mandates

For the past several years, the concept of increasing consumer data privacy has been gaining momentum and has been slowly impacting how marketers use your data. GDPR and CCPA regulations have driven awareness of this movement, and big data collection companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple have been shifting to meet the increasing demand for more data privacy. Last summer, Apple made the announcement that their iOS 14 update would include significant privacy updates that will affect all apps. Starting this month, these privacy updates (called App Tracking Transparency) will […]

The Role of Content Marketing in SEO

The words “Content Marketing” and “Search Engine Optimization” literally trip off the tongues of many search marketers, often in the same sentence. However, it’s essential that we don’t get these two very different disciplines confused. Yes, content marketing and SEO are often intertwined, but they are not the same. Just because someone “knows” SEO doesn’t mean they are the world’s best content marketer and vice versa.  So what’s the difference between content marketing and SEO, and how can both strategies be deployed together to maximize your marketing success?  What is […]

The Importance of Personalization in Content Marketing

Personalization has become the new standard in marketing. As digital spaces evolve, users are becoming increasingly aware of the data they share and how it’s being used. While going too far with the specifics can be a bit scary, those that have perfected the balance of thoughtful personalization see impactful results. What is Personalized Content Marketing? Personalized content marketing is the practice of delivering content that is specific to each individual customer. It leverages data about the target audience including browsing history, interests, location, demographics, and more to create content […]

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