The Challenge

Award Tension Corporation is a leader in envelope and packaging solutions, selling directly to businesses and organizations nationwide. Tension is a family-owned and operated business that has enjoyed ongoing growth since it was founded in 1886. Tension has grown to become the second-largest domestic envelope manufacturer.

In 2018, Tension Envelope approached emfluence to help them grow their organic search visibility and performance for

The Solution

Tension has grown their organic search visibility and performance through the implementation of on-page and technical SEO updates. Some of the more impactful optimizations include:

• Content updates (page copy, metadata and heading tags) targeting relevant answer boxes, as well as informational and purchase-intent product search queries
• Content recommendations based on keyword research and their content gaps
• Upgraded JSON-LD on product pages to include ratings—this resulted in star ratings appearing directly in search results, which help increase organic click-through rate
• Implemented 301 redirects to point old URLs to the most relevant live location to pass the ranking potential those old locations had built up through time to the new live locations
• Created a smarter internal linking structure to pass ranking potential and users from high authority and traffic pages to high value pages
• Placed more top/mid-funnel offerings on relevant highly-trafficked pages

As a result:
• Organic search traffic has increased 79% year over year
• The organic search traffic contract has increased 678% year over year
• The organic lead generation contract has increased 122% year over year
• We were able to capture many "answer box" results. In most cases, this dramatically increases the click-through rate for content. In the example below, the search results page is so crowded. Without expanding the People Also Ask questions, the answer box we own is the only organic listing. No traditional 10 blue links organic results appear above the fold of this desktop results page, making this real estate very valuable.
• Received star ratings appear directly in the search results page for product pages due to the JSON-LD schema we implemented. This result feature helps attract more clicks. The product pages saw a 5% increase in organic entries period-over-period since it launched August 2020.
• A new page recommendation from emfluence launched May 2018 and quickly became the site’s highest organically entered page. It increased that site section's organic entries by 36,452% year over year since launch (150,227 vs 411) and resulted in 118 organic leads.

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