The Challenge

AwardNazdar SourceOne® is the leading supplier of screen and inkjet equipment, inks, and supplies to the specialty graphic and textile printing industries. With over 14,000 products available at 14 locations across the US and Central America we strive to be the most knowledgeable and dependable supplier.

Nazdar SourceOne had their 2020 strategy and marketing budget disrupted by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The advertising budget had to be reduced by $33,000 out of necessity. Tradeshows, which provided 200 more leads in 2019, were cancelled after March. Finally, their customer base, which leans heavily towards B2B, was also impacted by COVID-19, making generating revenue from online sales even more difficult.

The Solution

We began by defining benchmarks that campaigns needed to hit to justify continuing to spend. With the uncertainty, we didn’t want their budgeted ad spend to get in the way of their company’s health. These benchmarks included 400% ROAS for shopping campaigns and 200% ROAS for search campaigns.

Search campaigns were also re-worked with keywords, ad copy and landing pages to recapture leads that were lost to tradeshow cancellations. Shopping campaigns were optimized to target high order values with relevant audiences through our bid strategies.

The biggest result from this shopping campaign was the 926% return on ad spend, which was more than double the goal. Other results included:
• 29% increase in shopping revenue
• 133% increase in leads, which exceeded the 200 lost from tradeshows
• A 32% increase in volume of transactions, despite customers' spending power being down
• A 342% return on ad spend from the search campaign as a secondary goal
• With a 30% decrease in budget
Nazdar SourceOne’s 2020 Shopping and Search Campaigns slide #0 Nazdar SourceOne’s 2020 Shopping and Search Campaigns slide #1 Nazdar SourceOne’s 2020 Shopping and Search Campaigns slide #2

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