The Challenge

AwardNazdar SourceOne is the leading supplier of screen and inkjet equipment, inks, and supplies to the specialty graphic and textile printing industries. With over 14,000 products available at 14 locations across the U.S. and Central America, they strive to be the most knowledgeable and dependable supplier in the market.

Nazdar SourceOne has a large product SKU, and thus, driving online sales for their screen and inkjet equipment, inks, and supplies is a crucial component of Nazdar’s digital marketing efforts. Nazdar engaged emfluence to help them focus on implementing ecommerce tracking for their online products, followed by creation and optimization of Google Shopping Ads to help them sell more of their products online. Additionally, emfluence added SEO to increase the number of organic visits to Nazdar’s site so that they could drive incremental traffic and additional revenue growth outside of the ad campaigns as well.

The Solution

Implementing Google Shopping Ads, which include photos of the products in Nazdar’s product SKU, increased the likelihood of potential buyers clicking on the ad and ultimately buying onsite. By making the research process simple, emfluence hoped to create a buying experience where potential buyers could see exactly what they wanted to purchase, how much it cost, and who was selling it.

For organic search, the focus was support to the buying experience and increase the inbound traffic to product pages by 10%. emfluence added product schema to all products, added 301 redirect maps for old URLs, and executed and managed an efficient sitemap.xml submission process.

The most important result for the Google Shopping Ads component of this campaign was the 521% return on ad spend. Additional results included:
-24% decrease in the average cost-per-click
-10% increase in the average transaction value

The supplemental organic search results included:
-Organic entries to product pages increased by 16% year over year
-36.88% increase in organic revenue year over year
-28.33% increase in organic transactions year over year (and 6% increase in average transaction value)
-9.35% increase in organic traffic year over year
Nazdar SourceOne Shopping Campaign slide #0 Nazdar SourceOne Shopping Campaign slide #1

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