The Challenge

In anticipation of one of their most ambitious products yet: Launch Pro, a personal launch monitor, Bushnell Golf wanted to reassure loyal customers that the product adheres to the quality and standards that they’d come to rely on while also teasing the launch and benefits.

Launch Pro built on their history of creating innovative and technologically advanced products for golfers. Unlike radar-based systems usually set up behind the golfer and relied on algorithms to guess the outcome at impact, this product combines proprietary high speed/high resolution cameras with infrared to provide accurate data to help golfers optimize their swing for longer drives and accuracy.

While Bushnell Golf is already known for high-end products, Launch Pro would be released at a significant step-up in price point at $2,999 which is what called for the additional strategy upon release.

In addition, Bushnell Golf was also facing many of the same logistics and shipping issues that were impacting the rest of the global supply chain.

Our team needed to be intentional with specifying target audience and messaging to generate excitement without inviting disappointment should there be a limited availability in product.

The Solution

The first priority for the team at Bushnell Golf was to recognize loyal customers first. As such, we implemented a highly segmented email strategy to announce pre-order opportunities to golfers who previously expressed a high level of interest.

We curated messaging that nurtured eagerness and a sense of urgency for the cutting-edge Launch Pro while also communicating product availability. This process began in July with email campaigns running through October following the timeline we crafted to build excitement and inviting golfers to register for pre-order opportunities for a December delivery.

The Results

The results did not disappoint, with messaging successfully building anticipation for the release of Launch Pro. Both our team and the Bushnell team were pleased when the campaign led to staggering open rates and immediate pre-order placement. A 55% average open rate was observed across the entire campaign with the initial teaser generating a 72% open rate. Bushnell Golf also saw a significant email-assisted revenue.
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