The Challenge

AwardConcorde Career Colleges, Inc. owns and operates proprietary, post-secondary institutions that offer vocational career training for careers in health care. Concorde currently offers over 20 programs on 16 campuses in 8 states.

With a bulk of early funnel leads coming in from a range of sources, the Concorde Career Colleges team runs an ongoing lead nurture email series designed to convert early funnel leads into enrolled students (called starts). The series originally launched in July of 2015 with the use of a freelance copywriter. With the addition of a call center and internal content developer, Concorde opted to revise the lead nurture series in 2016 to better align with the Admission process and communication touch points a potential student may receive through the enrollment process in hopes of converting more early funnel leads into starts.

The Solution

In preparation for relaunch of the campaign in January 2017, Concorde leveraged a newly hired internal content creator to revise the email copy, thus making the content more personalized for the potential student. This also allowed the Concorde team to track the various touch points that would provide additional trackable data to the Admissions team based on what prospective students were engaging with in the emails.

Additionally, emfluence redesigned the email templates with easy-to-read layouts and content structured into quick-read sections and bulleted lists for fast consumption. Concorde also added a fourth email to the series, turning the campaign into a ten-day nurture from the original three-day nurture.

With the new email creative, in addition to other marketing efforts, Concorde was able to see a 12.4% growth in inquiries, 1.4% growth in enrollments and 0.9% growth in starts (i.e., new students), while maintaining the same marketing budget as 2016. The growth in new students attributed to this series resulted in a $1.42 million increase in revenue.

Overall Statistics
Average Unique Open Rate (all four emails): 26.6% (4.9% higher than industry average)
Average Click-to-View Rate (all four emails): 15.5% (8.82% higher than industry average)
Unique Live Chat Clicks: 1,145 (.67% CTR, 2.5% CTV)

Top performing link on each email:
Email 1: Programs (2.2% CTR, 6.8% CTV)
Email 2: Schedule Tour (2.9% CTR, 4.5% CTV)
Email 3: Programs (2.3% CTR, 10.2% CTV)
Email 4: Schedule Tour (1.3% CTR, 6.3% CTV)
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