Looking for a digital to door-front marketing strategy? Our expertise in fast casual and restaurant marketing ties technology solutions between marketing and point of sale systems to drive return visitors, build brand awareness, and create an army of loyal advocates.

Digital Marketing for Fast Casual and Restaurants

emfluence has more than a dozen years of experience in helping fast casual and restaurant brands increase online reservations, build successful loyalty programs, ramp up walk-in business, and foster repeat visits from happy diners. Based on our years of experience, a good fast casual or restaurant marketing strategy for digital marketing should include:

Generating More Reservations and Visits

Want to create more foot traffic? Start with your website. We use responsive web design, SEO, and pay-per-click advertising to develop highly effective programs that keeps your phones ringing and your doors swinging. By ensuring your website is mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and set up to take advantage of local SEO, you can help new diners discover your brand and existing diners return more often.

Building Repeat Business

Tapping the best of digital marketing, we create and deploy on-brand email campaigns that are segmented, targeted, and personalized to trigger one-to-one conversations that drive physical traffic to your locations. We’re experienced at leveraging text messaging, email, and social media to bring customers back through your doors. Applying our behind-the-scenes automation technology, we save you time and money while generating more repeat business that’s 100% trackable.

Campaigns for Multiple Locations

Want to get the best bang for your digital marketing buck? Create campaigns that are geo-targeted rather than one-size-fits-all. By targeting each market differently, you can be responsive to that market’s needs and align with popular local searches. Bonus points for taking into consideration how digital campaigns tie into daily revenue and overall profitability, location by location.

Reviews and Influencers

We’re in the era of social proof. Who visits your restaurant often starts with a review or a recommendation—and you don’t have to leave what’s said to fate. Target your key diners and loyal advocates and find social influencers to help you promote the messages you want placed in front of new diners—it all starts with making the ask.

What We Recommend in Fast Casual Marketing and Restaurant Marketing

SEO and Paid Media

From online reviews to how you rank in search results, your website presence is the foundation of your fast casual and restaurant marketing strategy. emfluence can help you determine what to rank for—and how to get there—through local SEO, custom audience paid search campaigns, targeted social media campaigns, and a cohesive review strategy.

Email and Marketing Automation

A good email strategy is key to staying in regular contact with your dedicated diners. emfluence specializes in email strategy, and we can help you build campaigns for everything from selling holiday gift cards on Cyber Monday to sending birthday coupons, appetizer promos, rewards emails, and more. Best of all, we can help you connect your email strategy to SMS—and automate the hard work for you.

Campaign Management

You know what menu items are planned for the seasonal year. Isn’t it time you also knew how you were going to market those innovations to your patrons? Your team at emfluence works with you to build out your 3, 6, or 12 month marketing strategy. We turn abstract concepts into actionable tactics. Holiday offers, events, birthday promos, and catering – you name it and it’ll be on your marketing calendar. Executing your marketing message across multiple channels has never been easier to plan and coordinate than with the emfluence team and tools working for you.

Brand Continuity

Getting your entire team of managers or marketers on the same page can be a challenge. Your brand identity is how your customers identify you – it’s what you’re known for. Getting your entire team of managers or marketers on the same page can be a challenge, especially if each of them has a different idea about email marketing, your brand identity or your Facebook page. emfluence gives you the tools and processes to corral your enthusiastic marketers so they can be full time managers. In the end, your brand will look more professional, more reliably consistent and more appealing to your guests.

Website Design and Development

Do you need a reservation system baked in to your website? A delivery menu? An ecommerce section? Have you considered ADA compliance for your website? What about security? Or friendly user experience? Whether you’re in need of a custom development or just an audit of your accessibility, we’ve got you covered.

Now What?

Want to hear our fast casual and restaurant marketing stories? Get in touch and see how we can help you by filling out the form below or contacting us at GrowthExperts@emfluence.com.

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