The Challenge

YRC Freight launched a new, accelerated freight delivery service nationally and promoted it through targeted paid search advertising, with the goals of lead-generation and acquisition of new customers, and converting booked shipments of the new service.

The Solution

The campaign strategy was designed to "relaunch” the service line portfolio targeting new and potential customers while encouraging service reconsideration from individuals previously deterred by price point. The campaign execution included website optimization, content and navigation updates, multi-channel ad placement, retargeting and custom remarketing audiences. Paid search elements included AdWords Search & Display/Remarketing, LinkedIn, Salespider (B2B Display Network.) Finally, we engaged in a robust email strategy that included segmented email announcements to customers most likely to convert on the new service offering.The results? Well, the numbers were impressive. The 3-Month campaign resulted in an ROI of 136%. Remarketing was the highest converting ad-type, helping to convert 17.4% of shippers who initially entered a quote through YRC's on-site form, but did not convert on the initial visit. Remarketing efforts resulted in an ROI of 3,594%. Paid media ads resulted in more than 6.2M Total Impressions and brought in 236% return on Ad Spend. The total campaign conversion rate was 3%.

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