The Challenge

Athlete Network provides career and networking services that enable athletes to find futures with companies that value their competitive traits. Over 1 million athletes have utilized their services to gain an edge in life.

As their website serves as a major touch point between Athlete Network and their athletes, the primary goal of the SEO campaign was to increase organic traffic to by 20%, with an unofficial secondary goal of increasing the number of athletes who were registered for the site and organic blog traffic.

The Solution

In order to increase organic search traffic to the site, we put into place technical file best practices (robots.txt, XML sitemap), URL structure updates, image optimizations, 301 redirection updates, metadata refreshes, and blog schema.

Most updates launched in August 2017. The two-month comparison of organic site traffic from June-August (pre-launch) and September to November (post-launched) yielded:
67.2% increase in organic traffic
75.1% increase in athlete registrations
76.1% increase in organic traffic to blog
47.7% increase in Google Page 1 Keyword Rankings

Athlete Network tends to follow a seasonal trend that aligns with a typical collegiate school year. The August updates went live right before a strong season, so in order to show the increases were not purely seasonal, we compared September to November year over year:
28.7 increase in organic traffic
185.2% increase in organic traffic to blog
404.1% increase in Google Page 1 Keyword Rankings

The year-end recap gave us the data for the full contract year of SEO efforts. We were able to meet, and surpass, the goal of 20% increase in organic traffic, along with increasing organic blog traffic by almost 200%.
21% increase in organic traffic
194% increase in organic traffic to blog
234.3% increase in Google Page 1 Keyword Rankings

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