The Challenge

Since 2006, Boulevard Brewing Co. has primarily used the emfluence Marketing Platform as a B2B tool for connecting to wholesalers and sharing new releases and order schedules. Although they were also collecting email information from their fans, they didn't have an email content strategy in place to support email campaigns targeted at their growing following.

Even though an email strategy hadn't been executed, Boulevard Brewing Co. had nonetheless been growing their email list by collecting fan data from three sources:
1) Website Sign Ups
2) Tour Takers
3) Online Store Orders

They had collected more than 20K subscribers, but these people had never been emailed. That meant any marketing emails sent could experience high bounce rates and/or low engagement, as the email data dated as far back as 2005. Before they could begin emailing these followers, Boulevard Brewing Co. wanted to re-engage their list and trim out old data.

The Solution

Boulevard Brewing Co. opted to send an email to all subscribers asking them either, "Yes, I'm in" or "No, thanks, I'm out" with a clever message. They also wanted to collect some additional information for better segmented marketing in the future, so as subscribers opted back in, they were asked to share their favorite Boulevard beer, zip code, and birthday--all data that could be used at a later date for segmented email campaigns.
emfluence worked with Boulevard Brewing Co. to segment their large list in a way that would increase the likelihood of inbox deliverability and subscriber engagement. As a result, the campaign reaped major results, including:
50.6% Unique Open Rate
38.1% Unique Clickthrough Rate
35% Conversion Rate
In all, 92% of people who clicked on the email converted on the landing page.
Boulevard Brewing Co. – Repermission Campaign slide #0 Boulevard Brewing Co. – Repermission Campaign slide #1

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