Marketing automation is an essential tool that helps businesses streamline their marketing efforts and drive significant results. There’s a lot to manage here from choosing a platform that is a good fit for your organization, integrating it with your current Martech stack and importing your data, and keeping up with the day-to-day. This can be overwhelming, which is why many will bring on a marketing automation agency to help keep it all on track. But choosing the right agency is crucial to the success of your marketing efforts. In today’s blog post, we explore what to look for in a marketing automation agency. 

Company Culture and Client Testimonials

The first step is understanding a marketing automation agency’s company culture and values. This can give insight into how they work and if their approach to client relationships aligns with what you’re looking for.  

There are a lot of places you can dig into to help you gauge what an automation agency is all about. Start with their website and go from there. What do they highlight on their “about us” page? What’s the tone they speak to their audience in? From there expand to their social media presence, blogs, client testimonials, case studies, and other content.  

This is an important piece of the overall puzzle to assess. When an agency’s company culture resonates with your own values and their approach aligns with your own objectives, a productive and collaborative partnership can emerge.  

Additional Marketing Services

While finding a partner that can help manage and make recommendations with your automation platform is important, it’s not a bad idea to look into additional services they provide. These can complement your automation setup or apply to other aspects of your business you feel would benefit from an outside partner.  

For example, an agency partner that also holds expertise in areas like email marketing or SEO can be valuable to what you’re already doing. Email marketing, for example, can easily be integrated with marketing automation to nurture leads and drive conversions. Having someone in your corner who can guide you on this can set you up for more opportunities in the future.  

In-House Expertise

Next up, you’ll want to consider an agency’s in-house expertise. This means they are made up of professionals who have a commitment to staying up to date with an industry’s best practices whether that means taking courses, earning certifications, or building strategic partnerships.  

For example, we’re talking about those who are looking to guide their client through oncoming changes with as much notice as possible like transferring data from Google Analytics and getting clients set up in Google’s newest platform, GA4. An agency with experienced professionals can offer insights that are tailored to your business and help you keep an eye out for what’s on the horizon.  

Project Timelines

Time is always of the essence in the world of marketing and a critical factor when it comes to automation. You want things up and running smoothly, without gaps in your current funnel. This is why it’s important to discuss project timelines and expectations with potential agencies that you’re looking into. Those that can provide you with an estimate of how things will go and how long tasks take to complete will enable you to plan accordingly and allocate resources where needed. Want a personalized estimate from our team? Contact us to get started! 

Marketing Automation Case Studies

Case studies or portfolios can give you a good understanding of what an agency’s capabilities are and what type of results they can bring to the table. Most agencies are more than willing to share examples of work they’ve done in the past that highlight areas of strength that are applicable to your own challenges and needs.  

Review the results and the strategies that were implemented to get there. Taking a look at successful campaigns and outcomes can give you more confidence in a potential marketing automation agency’s ability to deliver results.  

Our case studies share insight on everything from SEO and paid media to email campaigns, check out what we’ve delivered for our clients! 


Location is another point of consideration, and it may play a big role in what you’re looking for. Think about the pros and cons of a local agency versus one that is out of state or even international.  

A local agency is easy to collaborate with — everyone can get well acquainted through face-to-face meetings and it’s likely they’ll have a thorough understanding of the local market.  

However, don’t write off an agency that’s located elsewhere. With advancements in technology today, there’s plenty of communication tools that can close the distance while still bringing about the results you’re looking for.  

Assess your specific needs and priorities. If in-office opportunities are a must then search locally. If you’re not worried about remote work, you can move the location further down on your priorities list.  

Why emfluence

At emfluence, we excel at what we do because we pride ourselves on our client-centric approach and our commitment to delivering exceptional results. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of marketing automation technologies. We know it so well that we even built our own platform – take a look at the emfluence Marketing platform created by marketers, for marketers.  

We thrive on collaboration, innovation, and passion and that translates to work we do with our clients. If you’re looking for a partner to bring your marketing automation to the next level, we might just be the perfect fit for you. You’ve got goals. We’ve got actions. Let’s get there together. Check out what we offer.  

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