Did you know that more than 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns versus one-off email sends? Or that email has a median ROI of 122%, nearly four times higher than social media, direct mail, or paid search? It’s no secret that email marketing is integral to any marketing plan, but getting your email strategy to produce those kinds of returns is not so simple. Maximizing your email marketing campaigns takes a blend of testing, creative, list management, user experience, timing, and know-how.


Nonetheless, many companies are hesitant to use email to any serious degree, even when presented with the overwhelming statistics. Fear of being perceived as a “spammer,” abiding by Anti-Spam laws (which vary internationally), or simply being unfamiliar with email best practices can deter even the most savvy traditional marketer from the world of email. At emfluence, we love everything email, and we’ve got nearly two decades of experience to prove it. We love getting our clients’ emails into the inbox, we love seeing the ROI for every email campaign, and we love helping clients track, measure, and improve their way to an email strategy that produces results. Plus, no matter who you’re targeting, we’ve worked with clients in nearly every business category, including ecommerce and retail, higher education, financial services, travel and tourism, and more.

Whether you’re stuck on what kinds of emails to send, need help integrating email marketing into your broader marketing plan, or just want an experienced email marketer to run everything from start to finish for you, emfluence’s email marketing experts are here to help.


The Email Strategy Process

On the surface, email marketing can seem fairly straightforward: pull your contacts out of a database and send out emails to those contacts. Simple enough, right?  But to really get the most out of an email marketing strategy, you’ve got to consider content personalization, list segmentation, A/B testing, tracking variables, avoiding SPAM filters (or the dreaded blacklist), actively managing your bounces and unsubscribes, and keeping compliance with GDPR, CAN-SPAM and CASL, all of which makes the task a bit more daunting. That’s where emfluence steps in. By staying up to date with the latest email marketing trends and best practices, we help our clients overcome the pitfalls associated with email marketing.

Here’s how it works: bring us what you hoped to achieve with email, and we’ll start with an assessment of what you’re already sending.


Email Program Assessments include a review of:

  • Engagement and opportunities for improvement
  • Email creative (including ADA compliance and responsiveness)
  • Performance and deliverability
  • List health and acquisition strategies
  • Analytics Evaluation
  • Content Evaluation
  • User Experience Evaluation

Have specific questions or high-level strategy topics you want covered? We can do that, too.


The emfluence Style of Email Strategy and Marketing Automation

Email Strategy Services

Our Email Strategy Services start with an assessment of your current email practices, followed by recommendations on everything from list hygiene to subscriber acquisition, cross-channel promotion, email creative, deliverability, engagement, and opportunities for future improvement. Email Strategy Services are ultimately designed to provide you with actionable recommendations on how to optimize your email campaigns to achieve your marketing objectives. 


Full-Service Email Management

Full-Service Email Management at emfluence includes everything you need to run awesome email marketing campaigns—including the staff to run them for you. Starting with email strategy, we’ll work with you to first determine measurable goals for your email marketing. Next, our email experts will handle everything from concept to creative development, messaging, testing, reporting, and more. Just sit back, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Marketing Automation Consultation

In the age of digital, automation is an email marketer’s secret weapon. It saves time, money, and the aggravation that comes with manually creating and deploying the same content over and over. From automated welcome emails to eCommerce integrations that generate abandoned cart reminders, automation means more time for your marketing team to focus on new revenue-generating strategies. Our Marketing Automation Consultation Services are designed to help you understand your customer data and/or CRM integrations, attach automated email campaigns to measurable goals, and better leverage all digital elements of your marketing automation platform.


Now What?

Get more value out of your email marketing efforts and your marketing automation platform by putting our email experts to work for your brand. Learn more about emfluence’s approach to email marketing, or get started with your next campaign, by filling out the form below or contacting us at expert@emfluence.com.

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