Dive into the realm of innovative campaigns fueled by Microsoft Dynamics or your CRM data, amplified by marketing automation. From intuitive cross-sell initiatives based on past purchase behavior to geo-targeted promotions and strategic win-back campaigns, we’ll explore how harnessing CRM data can elevate your marketing game. Don’t miss out on these actionable insights – let’s dive in!

Unlocking Marketing Potential with CRM Data

Hey everybody! Thank you so much for joining me. This is our fourth part in a four-part series on Customer Journey, and today we’re going to talk about some innovative campaigns that you can do once you have all that data in Microsoft Dynamics or your CRM and how marketing automation can actually help you achieve these goals.

Cross-Sell Campaigns: Leveraging Past Behavior

One of the best campaigns is a cross-sell campaign, and this is a campaign where actually nobody has to input any data. You’re just gathering the data from current customers. What’s their past purchase behavior and what are the things that they like? Getting that information and then doing an analysis on it— based on the fact that they bought product A, we know that people who buy product A actually also tend to buy products B, C, and D. So you can very easily then do a campaign on if the customer bought product A, some suggestions on other products that you might be interested in.

Geo-Targeted Promotions: Zip Code Insights

Another campaign you can do is based on zip code. So let’s just say you are an apparel company and you want to promote sweaters to the areas of the country where it’s cold. Knowing exactly where your customers are is a great way to do that and say there are certain zip codes that you’ll target with the sweater promotion.

Win-Back Strategies: Leveraging Competitive Data

A third campaign that’s really great is capturing competitive data within your CRM. So when you have that information populated, this is a good win back campaign where you can use it for folks who have been customers or you can use it for folks who were just in your funnel and you want to reach out to them again. Taking and understanding who they’re looking at from very early on in the conversations all the way through to maybe who you lost to, you can take that data and do a campaign.  

You know that they signed on with another vendor. The contract is a 12 month contract, and so maybe three months before the contract is over, you send them a note and say, “Hey, I know you went with our competitor” (and you have that data within your CRM). “We’d love to have an opportunity to talk to you some more. I know your contract’s coming up, but I’d like to show you some of the new features in our product, which specifically touch on some of the pain points that we discussed last year.”

Super easy campaign to do, but it’s really hard if you don’t have that information in your CRM.

Strategic Outreach: Maximizing CRM Insights

Thank you so much for joining me today. This concludes our four-part series on customer journey. I hope you found it useful. Reach out to us with any questions. We love talking about this stuff! Thanks again.

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