emfluence has a long, successful history working with B2B brands. From transportation and logistics to manufacturing, heavy machinery, wholesale, distribution, and more, we’ve worked with B2B brands across dozens of industries to meet—and exceed—their digital marketing goals. They come to us because we understand their need to increase brand awareness, automate long term lead-nurturing campaigns, and optimize website conversions.


Some of our most commonly worked with industries include:

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Wholesale
  • Distribution


Digital Marketing for B2B Businesses

Success in B2B digital marketing is fueled by consistent and sustainable growth, which can only be achieved by generating brand awareness as an industry thought leader, capturing prospects’ information early, and optimizing the process in which a prospect becomes a customer. SEO, PPC, mobile-friendly web development, CRM database integration, and email are the ways we provide results for our clients. A good B2B digital marketing strategy typically includes:


Lead Generation and Nurture Strategies

In B2B marketing, the sales funnel often lasts for months—maybe even years. To support your sales goals, you’ll need a wide range of inbound lead engines—from SEO to paid search, pay per lead, download campaigns and other attraction strategies, we’ll help you set up your website and digital footprint as hubs for new business.


Building Your Online Brand

How you look online will impact the new business you attract. That means your website should be functional as a lead hub and attractive, current, and secure. Take into consideration how your brand promises will map to your online presence, too—you can make buying from you easy, transparent, and convenient with a few tweaks to your digital footprint.


Leveraging Email to Keep Them Learning and Engaged

B2B email marketing is WAY more than sending a newsletter once a month. With your CRM and marketing automation platform integrated, you can transform lead nurture and client communications into a powerhouse of upsell, cross-sell, onboarding, renewal, and review campaigns. Good email strategy relies on sending useful, actionable messages at just the right moment—and we can help you get there.


Reviews and Influencers

Reviews aren’t just for B2C businesses. Your potential clients could be three quarters of the way through the sales process before they ever raise their hand as a lead—and here’s where your review strategy comes into play. As social proof becomes a reliable step in the lead acquisition funnel, be sure you have a plan in place to ask your best customers to share their experience with your business.



What We Recommend in B2B Digital Marketing

Search and Paid Media

Conversions aren’t a goal, but sales-ready leads are. Using custom audiences, we’ll help you target buyers that are truly ready to talk about your offerings—we can even help you launch campaigns for every step of the funnel, including remarketing campaigns from specific pages to social ads targeted to your specific audience.


Email and Marketing Automation

The experts at emfluence will develop targeted landing pages to bring you the most qualified, and profitable, prospective customers. Forms on these pages automatically feed prospects into both your CRM and the emfluence Marketing Platform, where they’ll be funneled through a series of nurture emails. Engaging prospects quickly with relevant, targeted, and personalized information keeps attrition rates down, and automating these campaigns means more conversions and less work for you. Engaging prospects quickly with relevant, personalized information keeps the potential customer engaged and puts your brand top-of-mind throughout the buying cycle.


Website Design and Development

In addition to building beautiful, mobile-friendly websites, we bring more qualified leads to your site by optimizing the code and content of every page to increase your search engine rankings. We use SEO, PPC, email, social media, and great content strategy to place you in the top tier of leaders for your industry. Our experts work with you to develop content and strategies to reach every audience, in every online channel, all the while tracking and improving upon the performance indicators that are most important to your end goal.


Content Strategy

Great content is about more than just good copywriting. The content in your website, emails, social media, and paid search channels has to be relevant and engaging to both human visitors and search engine bots if you want to capture prospects from the research phase all the way to the purchasing (and ultimately, advocate) phase of their buying funnel. emfluence can provide content strategy, production, and deployment of quality content across your marketing channels. We work with you to get to know your customers’ needs and your team’s sales cycle to produce effective content to get your brand recognized as an industry thought leader.


Now What?

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