The Challenge

AwardThe Proven Winners brand is as easy to spot as a pot of geraniums, and just as showy. Available from nearly every garden center in the U.S. and Canada, Proven Winners is the leading provider of high-quality flowering plants in North America. Their reputation is built on introducing the best quality, most unique, highest performing plants to market. Their ability to deliver a product that is unsurpassed in its performance, growth habit, disease resistance, and flowering potential makes the Proven Winners brand much loved in the nationwide garden community.

Since 1999, Proven Winners has partnered with emfluence on their website and digital marketing strategy. Although most plants are sold through distributors, Proven Winners also leverages a combination of ecommerce, content strategy, web development, and email marketing to sell plants online. In 2018, Proven Winners and emfluence undertook a comprehensive review to improve the overall customer experience on their ecommerce site. Using extensive research and action items to improve search (from a catalog of thousands of plant varieties) and the purchase process, Proven Winners set a goal of increasing ecommerce sales on the site.

The Solution

In 2018, Proven Winners and emfluence undertook a comprehensive site review to implement best of class ecommerce practices throughout the site, with emphasis on the search and purchase experience, including:
-Home page refresh: promoted the improved search function and greater visibility for retailers.
-Plant search refresh: updated the search experience, based on extensive research of how consumers and retailers navigate the site.
-Implemented an abandoned cart email campaign, which captured additional revenue in the first six months
-Site speed improvements to enhance customer experience
-Checkout address validation enhancements to ensure accurate delivery
-Retail store certification enhancements – further cementing the bond between retailer and PW
-Added consumer & professional email signup modals to more effectively capture site visitor data

Proven Winners and emfluence have partnered to produce year-over-year growth for the past six years in all the website's key performance indicators included below. When compared to 2017, Proven Winners achieved the following in 2018:
-66.08% increase in ecommerce revenue
-14.59% increase in ecommerce conversion rate
-16.39% increase in email signups
-9.71% increase in average ecommerce order value
-51.37% increase in total ecommerce transactions
-52.85% increase in unique ecommerce purchases
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