The Challenge

Pacejet, a Division of 3Gtms is an innovative, cloud-based global shipping software company that helps businesses transform shipping from a business necessity into a strategic advantage. With headquarters in Columbus, Ohio and offices across the United States, Pacejet has a knowledgeable and dedicated team who understand supply chain and logistics, and often come from specific industry verticals like retail or consumer technology.

Pacejet had been engaged in a paid media campaigns across four channels, including Google and Capterra, to generate awareness and attract new prospects, which were enterprise resource planning users in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. Although they were satisfied with their goal of generating more leads through paid media, they invited the emfluence team to evaluate their paid media strategy and provide recommendations on how they could increase their lead volume without increasing their campaign spend.

The Solution

After combing through the keywords and results, emfluence identified several key opportunities:
• emfluence recognized overspend in Google. We reduced the budget by focusing on higher performing keywords, creating new copy and ad extensions, eliminating spend on evenings and weekends, adding responsive search ads, and introducing conquesting and an automated bid strategy.
• The budget reduction from Google was reallocated to reach audiences in other channels, where Pacejet would have greater opportunity to attract new leads. These channels included adding budget to LinkedIn ads and launching Microsoft Advertising.
• emfluence recommended recategorizing Pacejet on the software listing site Capterra to improve inbound leads from active software buyers by focusing on two active listings that were most relevant to Pacejet’s target audience.

Ad creative and ad copy focused on promoting valuable assets, including an ROI shipping calculator and an informational shipping whitepaper, to entice would-be buyers in their target audience to engage with their paid media campaigns. On LinkedIn, ads included banner images with calls to action focused on calculating shipping ROI or understanding the “science of shipping.” For Google Ads, emfluence rewrote the ad copy and included ad extensions as well as responsive ad content for the Display Network to improve Google ad performance. Across all ad channels, targeting was narrowed to just Pacejet’s core audience focus, where the messaging of ROI and shipping optimization would be most likely to resonate.

In the first month, Pacejet’s media spend was down almost 50% during ramp-up, yet
• Overall conversions were up 68% month over month
• Overall conversion rate improved by 140%
• Overall cost per conversion improved 65%

Over the entire campaign,
• Overall conversions from paid media were up 200%
• Google conversions were up 123%; CPA was down 84%; and spend was down 66%.
• LinkedIn conversions were up 33%
• Capterra lowered the average cost per acquisition on new leads and Pacejet reduced the number of “not a fit” leads generated from the channel
• Cost per conversion continued to improve
• Quarterly goals were met in the first 30 days
• With ZERO increase in budget
Pacejet Doubles Paid Media Conversions slide #0 Pacejet Doubles Paid Media Conversions slide #1 Pacejet Doubles Paid Media Conversions slide #2 Pacejet Doubles Paid Media Conversions slide #3 Pacejet Doubles Paid Media Conversions slide #4
Working with emfluence has been a seamless and easy process for us. Through our partnership, we've been able to increase our Lead flow by 64% in just the first month. We have already seen business growth and sales opportunities from this jump in our Lead acquisition. The team has done a fantastic job and we are excited to see what else we can do together.

— Sam Bush, Director of Marketing

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