The Challenge

With a network of 17 locations, Nazdar SourceOne delivers localized inventory, superior customer service and expert technical support to graphic, textile and industrial printers across the US. A large eCommerce company, Nazdar SourceOne offers over 1000 product variants online, from digital ink up to industrial printing systems.
When Nazdar SourceOne approached emfluence, they had just launched a new eCommerce website. The Nazdar team sought to gain maximum visibility for the products they carried as well as for their monthly specials, with the end goal of increasing eCommerce sales.

The Solution

By pairing organic and paid search strategies, emfluence was able to increase paid search revenue by 199.75% over a 12-month period. Nazdar's return on advertising spend tallied to 283% in the same time period, and eCommerce transactions increased by 73.71%. With site improvements and keyword tweaks, paid search has become a primary driver of eCommerce revenue for Nazdar, and paid search clickthrough rates have increased by 103% while the sitewide conversion rate rose to more than 5%. Organic search improved, too, with a total of 31.29% more new users visiting the site in the 12-month period. The overall increase in conversion rate has helped Nazdar SourceOne meet its 2016 eCommerce goals.
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Our initial goals in partnering with emfluence were to get access to online metrics and to manage our PPC campaigns. In that time they have helped us access a new world of valuable marketing data and turned our PPC campaigns into profit making machines. We’ve seen results since Day 1 and the results continue to build on themselves month after month.

— Jeff Paulic, eCommerce Manager

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