How to Get an Agency Internship

Ah, summer. College has wrapped up for the year and agencies are offering their internship programs to those looking to get their foot in the door and gain some real-world marketing experience.   At emfluence, we place a high value on the interns who come to work for us. Agency interns aren’t just coffee getters and copy makers. They get a chance to see the inner workings of an agency that prepares them for careers in a way that a classroom simply can’t.   Just because you got a college […]

points of difference matter

The Problem with Marketing Messages

I hate to say this, but your carefully crafted marketing message isn’t enough.   I know you spent hours working on it, and even more hours thinking about how you want your target audience to perceive your company. I know you’ve asked your customers what they like best about you and built your key messages around those elements. I know the messages look and sound exactly how you want them to. You’ve even created the perfect tagline—one that everyone, including your CEO, likes.   But if you really want to […]

Email Marketing Benchmarks 2017: Part One

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Measuring is the mantra of the digital marketer—it’s the determiner of a campaign’s success or failure and an influencer in where we put our dollars.   If you’re routinely reviewing your own email metrics, you’re off to a great start—and even better if you’re comparing your data year over year. But measuring your own data is just the first step. Without benchmarks to compare your numbers to, how do you know if what you’re doing is truly successful?   That’s why […]

How Apple and Google’s New Ad-Blocking Services Will Impact Digital Marketing

Imagine you’ve just opened a website and a pop-up appears or a video starts pre-playing with sound before you can click or read anything. Or maybe you’re shopping for a vacuum cleaner or a pair of pants—which then follow you around the internet in display ads for the next month. Popups and video auto-plays are intrusive, and it has become a game-like challenge for site visitors to close the popup or pause the video. Similarly, display ads based on your search history aren’t always applicable to what you actually want. […]

The 6 Elements of a Comprehensive SEO Audit

Pop quiz…just five quick questions for you. Do you know every page/piece of content on your website and how it is displayed within search results? Do you know what errors have been found by Google, Bing, and other search engines? Is your site optimized for all device types? What does it look like on mobile vs. desktop? Has your site been negatively impacted by any of the latest Penguin, Panda, or various other algorithm updates? Do you know what your most important keywords and pages are on your site?   […]

How to Build a Customizable Email Reporting Template

If you’re using email strategy as part of your marketing efforts, then this blog post is for you. That’s because reporting on what you’re sending is a crucial step in a successful email marketing strategy. If you’re not already building email reports, you could be missing out on opportunities for the optimization of your campaigns.   With that said, the first step you’ll have to take is to build a template for your email reports. These reporting templates should be based on your marketing goals—whether that be clicks, opens, forwards, […]

You’re Probably Doing It Wrong: A Guide to Rethinking Attribution in Digital Marketing

Customers are constantly being barraged with marketing messages, often multiple marketing messages from the same company. So, as a marketer, how do you know which message drove a customer to convert?   Recently, I was looking to buy a new pair of shoes. Let me walk you through my buying process: I had been looking at various big brand department stores that I had visited in the last few weeks, and I was finally in that sweet spot of looking to purchase. But after looking for deals on Amazon, Google […]

7 Elements of an Effective Content Calendar

Regularly publishing quality content can be difficult for any business, even those with a wealth of marketing resources. It’s so easy to put content creation on the backburner. Creating content is time-consuming, and seeing the returns in traffic, social shares, and keyword rankings can take even longer to develop. It’s no wonder it’s so easy to forget about or delay creating content when immediate gratification is so rare. Nonetheless, consistently creating great content is an effective way for every business to increase audience reach, connect with customers, and reach critical […]

5 Life-Hacks to Adjust Your Spam Score…and a Puppy

You’ve perfected the spacing, the images are just the right size, and now you’re ready to test and run pre-flight (which we always suggest before hitting send). The results are in. The email renderings look fantastic across the various inboxes; however, the Spam Filter check is not passing with flying colors. We’ve all been in this position – there isn’t enough time to send the email back to be rewritten, but we send with the risk of ending up in the dreaded spam folder. Luckily, we have a few MacGyver-style […]

Anything You Can Do, Digital Can Do Better | Radio Edition

So, You Decided to Run Terrestrial Radio Ads… Why: You wanted to achieve mass reach, with a low CPM, to reach a captive audience. You know your target demo is there, and 93% of U.S. adults still listen to AM/FM radio each week! It’s a no-brainer, right? Right? Radio listening is quite literally “wireless”. There is no meter to measure actual usage. There are no tickets sold, there are no circulations audited. There is no quantifiable “click-through” to point back to. The ratings systems of Nielson, Arbitron and holding companies […]

How Empathy Will Make Your Content Marketing More Effective

We’ve all stumbled across content that is a little too transparent with its goal. We’ve read a blog post that feels like an exhausting sales pitch, or a page that is so loaded with SEO-targeted keywords it’s almost unreadable. Maybe you’ve even unknowingly created something like it for your business. When you have encountered content marketing like this, it’s probably turned you away with a sour taste in your mouth. Why? Because you didn’t get the content you wanted or expected. The problem is the content lacked empathy. The creator […]

Meet Natalie Jackson – emfluence’s New Marketing Director

As emfluence continues to grow and forge new partnerships with more great clients, we realized we were getting stretched a little thin when marketingourselves and our business. Enter: Natalie Jackson, emfluence’s new Marketing Director. I took some time to chat with Natalie shortly after joining the emfluence team about her background, interests and goals in her new job.

Content Marketing Trends in 2017

Content marketing is a vast and ever-changing industry, so I thought I’d take some time to look into my crystal ball and see what the next year might bring. Naturally, I can’t actually see the future, but I like to stay as up to the minute as possible. Here are the content trends I think will dominate content marketing 2017.

Foundational Elements of a Digital Marketing Campaign

It is all too common that digital marketing agencies narrow their focus on only the trendiest marketing tactics. Everyone is buzzing about the latest feature of SnapChat or the newest PPC ad style on Google. You see countless blog posts, social media posts and think-pieces hailing the next great thing in marketing. What’s worse is that so many of these digital marketing agencies then push their clients toward executing these “Tactics of the week” without a full understanding of what they can actually do for the client and the results they can deliver. It’s the marketing equivalent of throwing stuff up against a wall and seeing what sticks.

What Google Doesn’t Know Can Change Your Content Marketing

It’s easy to think that your favorite search engine knows everything. It’s our go-to source for new information, after all. You “Google” everything you don’t know, and Google always has an answer.

But there is one critical thing that search engines don’t know, and it can completely change the way content marketers think about content creation.

Search engines still don’t know what you are going to search for.


The 2017 Digital Trends Forecast

It’s never too early to start forecasting what’s going to be ‘the next big thing’ in the digital marketing and tech landscape in 2017. emfluence has compiled trends and expectations from across our agency team members to bring you an array of predictions for what to look for, and more importantly plan for in 2017. The boldest prediction of all? 60% of the time our predictions are right, every time.

emfluence Welcomes Lindsay Waters!

emfluence Digital Marketing is excited to introduce our new Senior Account Manager, Lindsay Waters! Lindsay joins us after 2 years at Lionshare Marketing, a full service CRM provider for the healthcare industry. She also has spent time working in marketing college athletics, experience of which some of the college sports fanatics (including yours truly) are certainly jealous. Lindsay took some time to answer some questions and introduce herself this week, here’s what she had to say: Tell us a little about yourself, you know, the basics.  Lindsay: “I grew up […]

Helping Clients Understand SEO

There are many moving parts to an SEO campaign and having a roadmap that lists the items to accomplish and the actions we will take to fix & optimize your site, can be the best tool. A solid roadmap can consist of:

The #1 Social Media Profile Your Business Must Have

Let’s talk about social media marketing for a bit. I know, there are plenty of articles about the use of social media for businesses, so you’re probably sick of this topic, but if you’re interested in one more thought on the subject I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. For many businesses, particularly those without the budget to hire a digital agency or marketing professional to manage their accounts, social media can seem like a major time commitment. You know that to do social media right, you can’t just broadcast a […]

The Great Expectation

This will not be the greatest blog post you have ever read. But it will give insight on how to navigate setting expectations with clients.

emfluence Welcomes Fritz Stahmer, Opens emfluence Denver Office

This continues to be an exciting summer for us here at emfluence. We just keep growing! Today, we welcome Fritz Stahmer, our newest Senior Digital Strategist to the team! Not only will he be bringing his wealth of experience to the emfluence team, but he’ll also be opening our new office in Denver. This is emfluence’s first expansion beyond our hometown of Kansas City. “I’m thrilled to be joining the team at emfluence, and bringing their one-to-one marketing solutions to businesses in the Denver area. emfluence has revolutionized how larger […]

Instagram Stories: The Snap Fight is On

Is it obvious that Instagram Stories is a Snapchat rip off? Absolutely. Does it matter? Not in the least. If you already have Instagram, you now have the feature power of Snapchat behind it. Without the trouble of building and managing a completely separate channel and audience.


Marketers Are Not Ready for Gen-Z

Gen-Z members are breaking the molds of Millennials that came before them. Marketers need to be on notice with this up and coming generation now that they are entering the workforce. They have purchase power, knowledge and you are going to have to work to get them as customers. Gen-Z have expressed distinct differences in their behaviors and preferences, but they are also continuing down certain paths that have been laid out by Millennials.

Up-Leveling Your Proposal Game? Try Qwilr

We sought to improve our digital agency’s proposals through testing various tools outside of the traditional Word, PowerPoint, and InDesign documents. I average seven proposals per month and with my growing team, I assist in more than I can keep up with. I needed a way to create documents for sales templates that were easy for my team to access, with easy design capabilities to save time and a way for us to track the results more effectively. One of the tools I came across in an article was Qwilr. We decided to give it a test run.

Pokémon Go and the Future of Augmented Reality in Marketing

Certainly, you or a loved one has contracted the Pokémon Go fever currently sweeping the country. It’s everywhere. It has even infected a good portion of the emfluence office (We’re all on Blue Team in case you were wondering.)  The game has already become a legitimate sensation, overtaking Instagram and Twitter for daily active mobile users since launch. People can’t stop talking about it on social media, and I can only imagine office productivity throughout the country has taken a nose-dive since release.  For those who may not know, Pokémon […]


Facebook Canvas Ads: The Ridiculous Engagement Rates Have Us Buying In

We recently partnered with client Boulevard Brewing Co. on a paid media campaign around their annual beer and music festival, BOULEVARDIA – including Facebook’s Canvas Ad Units. Based on the results we saw, we are full Canvas converts – and it’s not the Boulevard beer talking.

The Value of Content

These days, content is everywhere. The internet is practically overflowing with content. There are think pieces and think pieces analyzing think pieces. There are recap and prediction videos for your favorite TV shows (Who hasn’t seen the latest Game of Thrones fan theory?) There’s even content discussing the value of content itself, the category under which this blog post would fall.

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