Successful content marketing is all about solving problems. If you work in the banking industry, this should be music to your ears. That’s because there is nothing more problematic than money. If you don’t have enough, life will be difficult. Got too much (is there such a thing?), and you’ll worry, amongst other things, about keeping it safe. These opposing challenges were perhaps best illustrated by Josh Billings, the 19th-century American humorist, when he said, “Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of his tail.” 

While banking clients typically don’t have tails, they all deserve to be happy. So, as a marketer, how can you ensure they have something to get excited about? 

What is Content Marketing?

As the name suggests, content marketing is a strategy focused on delivering timely, relevant, and engaging marketing content via a range of digital channels. These include blog posts, email campaigns, online videos, infographics, and social media updates with the aim of attracting and engaging a specific audience. Content marketing helps businesses build trust, enhance brand authority, improve SEO, generate leads, and foster stronger customer relationships. 

Content Marketing is Easy and Difficult

While the basic principles of content marketing are seemingly simple, it can be challenging to deploy a consistent flow of valuable content. This is especially true if you are unable to tailor your content to the issues your customers identify with the most. Remember, your customers’ challenges will not always align with your marketing department’s problems. 

It’s important not to second-guess your customers’ problems. Therefore, the very best content marketing is always informed by customer engagement. This means marketers need to take the time to speak with their target audience and listen to their concerns. These conversations can take place in many different areas of your business, including in-branch, on social media, and via email. 

Listen to Your Analytics

Monitor your various marketing analytic tools to inform your content marketing strategy and understand your customers’ problems. What are people searching for? What are people clicking on? What are people asking questions about? Access to a fully integrated MarTech stack aligning your email marketing, social media, website analytics, and CRM system will be worth its weight in gold in helping you understand precisely what your audience is looking for. 

55 Content Marketing Topics Banks Can Invest In

If you are still lost for ideas, we’ve compiled a considerable deposit of content marketing ideas you can bank on. To simplify things, we’ve split these ideas into eight different categories, making it easier to align them with your bank’s current marketing objectives. 

Personal Finance 

  1. Budgeting Tips for Beginners: Learn the essentials of budgeting to manage your finances effectively from the start. 
  1. How to Build an Emergency Fund: Discover strategies for creating a financial safety net to cover unexpected expenses. 
  1. Understanding Credit Scores and How to Improve Them: Explore what affects your credit score and actionable steps to boost it. 
  1. Effective Ways to Pay Off Debt: Find practical ways to efficiently reduce and eliminate your debt. 
  1. Smart Saving Strategies for Every Income Level: Implement saving techniques that work regardless of income. 
  1. How to Create and Stick to a Financial Plan: Develop a financial plan tailored to your goals and learn how to adhere to it. 
  1. The Benefits of Automating Your Savings: Understand how automating your savings can help you achieve financial goals effortlessly. 

Investment and Wealth Management 

  1. Basics of Investing for First-Time Investors: Start investing by learning fundamental concepts and strategies. 
  1. Comparing Different Types of Investment Accounts: Evaluate various investment accounts to determine which suits your needs best. 
  1. How to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio: Learn the importance of diversification and how to apply it to your investments. 
  1. Understanding Risk Tolerance in Investments: Assess your risk tolerance to make informed investment decisions. 
  1. Introduction to Retirement Planning: Start planning for retirement with crucial steps and considerations. 
  1. Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies: Discover ways to maximize investment returns by minimizing tax liabilities. 
  1. Estate Planning: What You Need to Know: Ensure your assets are managed and distributed according to your wishes with effective estate planning. 

Loans and Mortgages 

  1. Different Types of Loans and How They Work: Understand the various loan options available and how each one operates. 
  1. Tips for First-Time Homebuyers: Navigate the home-buying process with essential tips for first-time buyers. 
  1. How to Choose the Right Mortgage for You: Select the best mortgage type based on your financial situation and goals. 
  1. Understanding the Mortgage Application Process: Familiarize yourself with the steps involved in applying for a mortgage. 
  1. Refinancing Your Mortgage: Pros and Cons: Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of refinancing your mortgage. 
  1. Managing Student Loan Debt Effectively: Learn strategies to manage and repay student loans efficiently. 
  1. Personal Loans vs. Credit Cards: Which to Choose? Compare personal loans and credit cards to decide which is better for your needs. 

Business Banking 

  1. How to Secure a Small Business Loan: Increase your chances of obtaining a small business loan with these tips. 
  1. Effective Cash Flow Management for Small Businesses: Improve your business’s financial health through effective cash flow management. 
  1. Business Credit Cards: Benefits and Best Practices: Utilize business credit cards wisely to enhance your business operations. 
  1. Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs: Develop a comprehensive financial plan to support your entrepreneurial endeavors. 
  1. Understanding Business Insurance Needs: Protect your business by understanding and obtaining necessary insurance coverage. 
  1. How to Prepare Your Business for a Financial Audit: Ensure your business is ready for a financial audit with these preparation tips. 
  1. The Importance of Business Credit Scores: Learn how to build and maintain a strong business credit score. 

Technology and Banking 

  1. How to Use Online and Mobile Banking Safely: Protect your finances by using online and mobile banking securely. 
  1. Benefits of Digital Wallets and Mobile Payments: Discover the convenience and security advantages of digital wallets and mobile payments. 
  1. Understanding Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology: Gain insight into the world of cryptocurrency and the technology behind it. 
  1. The Future of Fintech: Trends to Watch: Stay informed about emerging trends in financial technology. 
  1. How AI is Transforming the Banking Industry: Explore the impact of artificial intelligence on banking services and customer experience. 
  1. Protecting Your Financial Data from Cyber Threats: Implement measures to safeguard your financial information from cyber-attacks. 
  1. The Rise of Contactless Payments: Learn about the growing popularity and benefits of contactless payment methods. 

Lifestyle and Financial Goals 

  1. Saving for Major Life Events (Weddings, Vacations, etc.): Plan and save for significant life events without compromising your financial stability. 
  1. Financial Tips for New Parents: Manage the financial challenges of parenthood with practical tips. 
  1. Planning for Your Child’s Education Expenses: Prepare for the costs of your child’s education with effective saving strategies. 
  1. How to Save Money While Traveling: Enjoy your travels while keeping expenses under control with these money-saving tips. 
  1. Retirement Planning: How Much Should You Save?: Determine how much you need to save for a comfortable retirement. 
  1. Financial Considerations for Moving Abroad: Address the financial aspects of relocating to another country. 
  1. Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investments: Explore opportunities and strategies for building wealth through real estate. 

Community and Social Responsibility 

  1. How Our Bank Supports Local Communities: Learn about the initiatives and programs our bank supports to benefit local communities. 
  1. Sustainable Banking: How to Make Environmentally Friendly Financial Choices: Make informed choices to support sustainability through your banking practices. 
  1. Charitable Giving: How to Make Your Donations Go Further: Maximize the impact of your charitable donations with these strategies. 
  1. The Role of Banks in Economic Development: Understand how banks contribute to communities’ economic growth and development. 
  1. Financial Education Programs in Our Community: Discover the financial education programs we offer to help community members. 
  1. Success Stories of Small Businesses We’ve Helped: Read inspiring success stories of small businesses we’ve supported. 

Bank Services and Products 

  1. Understanding Different Types of Bank Accounts: Learn about various bank accounts and their features to choose the right one for you. 
  1. How to Choose the Right Credit Card for Your Needs: Find the best credit card by comparing features and benefits based on your needs. 
  1. The Benefits of Bank Loyalty Programs: Take advantage of rewards and benefits offered by bank loyalty programs. 
  1. How to Protect Yourself from Banking Scams: Stay vigilant and protect yourself from common banking scams. 
  1. Maximizing Rewards from Your Credit Cards: Optimize your credit card rewards to get the most value. 
  1. Understanding Bank Fees and How to Avoid Them: Identify common bank fees and learn strategies to avoid them. 
  1. How to Switch Banks Without the Hassle: Simplify the process of switching banks with these helpful tips. 

How emfluence Can Help

With a solid bank of content marketing ideas, there’s no stopping marketers from engaging their target audience. To learn more about how emfluence can help your content marketing campaigns deliver the kind of return on investment any bank manager would be proud of, contact us today at    

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