Ecommerce paid search has had a renaissance in recent years and now Amazon is looking to use its credibility in the Ecommerce space to build a Paid Search Platform. According to a study by BloomReach in 2017, Fifty-five percent of people start their digital shopping experiences on Amazon. Seth Dallaire, VP of Global Sales at Amazon Media Group, said, “There’s an expectation from people who visit Amazon [that] they’re going to find anything they want.” Amazon hopes to use this credibility to create a paid search product that will monetize their traffic and create direct relationships with brands and agencies.


Amazon is known as an Ecommerce powerhouse. This year after their annual Prime Day, which continues to be their largest sales day of the year, their sales surpassed last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays. In 2017, retail paid search professionals also saw stronger conversion rates on Prime Day across their on non-Amazon campaigns, which shows the cross market selling power of consumers’ intentions on shopping holidays.


Allowing retailers that sell on the Amazon to boost their products to the top of the Amazon search results page is a no-brainer. They could build an effective paid search product that marketers would love to use on this concept alone. Dallaire went a little further and explains how they plan to monetize branded terms for products that are not sold on Amazon.


“We don’t sell cars,” Dallaire said, “but we know customers have an expectation that they’ll be able to consider a car or read about customer experiences on Amazon.”


While consumers aren’t likely to be purchasing a car through Amazon, they are buying auto-related products through Amazon. By mapping specific parts like a windshield wiper or rear-view mirror consumers will be able to enter their make and model and know what parts match up with their specific car. This alone allows car manufacturers to look at their customers and how they interact with search and Amazon in a way they’ve never could before.


I can’t also ignore the potential ability for tailored marketing experiences through Amazon’s Alexa. As screen-less voice search continues to intrigue marketers, a standalone Paid Search Platform would lay the foundation for sponsored voice search results.


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