The Paid Media Process

Let’s start with the facts: clicks aren’t leads. But they can turn into one if they land on a controlled, focused, and relevant message. That’s where we step in. 

The emfluence Style

A good paid campaign takes tweaking, monitoring, and optimizing—and we’re here to handle that for you. Let’s get down to business with what success looks like for you and work our way backward from there to figure out which platforms and placements make the most sense for your goals.  

Paid Search
An effective paid media campaign is run by professionals who know how to craft ads, bid for positions, select appropriate keywords, target geographically, and—most importantly—test, test, test. We start with your budget, craft the perfect compelling message, and get you the ROI on marketing spend you’re after.

Paid Social
Who says social media can’t pay off?  We’ve got you covered when it comes to creating great targeting options at a reasonable cost.

Display Media + Creative
Display advertising is for marketers who need to build a strong brand presence and increase consumer awareness of their brand. No in-house creatives? From strategy to copy to design, we can help create custom display ads for all of your campaign needs.

We create hyper-targeted remarketing campaigns designed to drive lost prospects back into the fold. Set time limits, change up creative, or serve up messaging with timely offers all based on their unique engagement patterns.

Now What?

We’re here to guide you through the landscape of paid media options. Let us help you identify what works for your brand or campaign goals, and we’ll take care of the rest. Learn more about emfluence’s approach to paid media, or get started with your next campaign, by filling out the form below or contacting us at

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