When managed properly, Paid Media can generate a tremendous return on your marketing investment. Paid Media, also known as PPC or pay-per-click advertising, combines keyword optimization with analytics, demographics targeting, and budget control to create campaigns built on ROI. Use your Paid Media strategy to drive in new leads, promote brand awareness, sell your wares, or deliver more website traffic—whatever your goal, Paid Media can help you get there. 

Paid Media works best as a part of a larger digital marketing strategy. It’s perfect for driving highly targeted traffic (rather than waiting on traffic to come to you), and unlike other media, Paid Media allows you to control which keywords, phrases, markets or demographics see your ads. Need help navigating the landscape of placements and ad groups? That’s what we’re here for.


The Paid Media Process

Let’s start with the facts: clicks aren’t leads. A click simply takes a visitor (an anonymous visitor) from one location on the internet to your location—to your website, microsite, or a landing page. What’s important about that click is the visitor was using a search engine to find a keyword that your business cares about. And while not a full-blown lead, that click is more likely to turn into a lead if the visitor lands on a controlled, focused message relevant to their original search. 

Which gets us to what’s really important for your Paid Media strategy: what do you want to achieve? Is it more leads or more clicks? Conversions? Sales? Early funnel nurture material? Our search team starts the process here: let’s get down to business with what success looks like for you, and work our way backward from there to figure out which platforms and placements make the most sense for your goals. 


The emfluence Style of Paid Media

Paid Search

Paid search, often referred to as PPC, focuses on paid placement in standard search results. An effective PPC campaign is run by professionals who know how to craft ads, bid for positions, select appropriate keywords, target geographically, and—most importantly—test, test, test. Our process starts with your budget, followed by competitive analysis and a fine-tooth comb for opportunities. Next, we focus on crafting compelling messages (geared toward action) and determine ideal cost-per-clicks to ensure you get the ROI on marketing spend you’re after. A good paid search campaign takes tweaking, monitoring, and optimizing—and we’re here to handle that for you. 


Shopping Feed Management

Selling your items online? Shopping Feed Management can take your paid search success to another level of awesome. Whether you’re interested in expanding your brick-and-mortar footprint with online sales or want to expand the reach of your existing ecommerce strategy, let’s talk about getting your products listed in the Shopping Feed. 


Paid Social

Who says social media can’t pay off? As long as you understand your goals going in, paid social offers great targeting options and generally a reasonable cost-per-click. Paid social opportunities are gaining in popularity and in display options, and many offer custom audiences, retargeting, and tracking options that can create experiences beyond a simple landing page. Need some guidance on what might work for your style of sale? We’ve got you covered. 


Display Media Planning

Display advertising is the ideal advertising channel for marketers who need to build a strong brand presence and increase consumer awareness with their brand.  In contrast to text pay-per-click advertising, which accrues spend when a user clicks on your ad, the majority of display advertising is based on impressions. Success in a display advertising campaign is typically measured by how many users were exposed to or interacted with your brand. Display advertising can help you create an out-of-the-box advertising experience for your prospects, but it should be handled with care: pop ups aren’t for everyone (fortunately, we can help you navigate what’s working).



Want to offer a message to just the visitors who bounced off your website or landing page? We can help you create hyper-targeted remarketing campaigns designed to drive lost prospects back to the fold or to extend the reach of your website. Set time limits, change up creative, or serve up messaging with timely offers all based on who visited what. 


Now What?

As a premier Google Partner, we’re here to guide you through the landscape of paid media options. Choose what works for your brand or campaign goals, and we’ll take care of the rest. Learn more about emfluence’s approach to paid media, or get started with your next campaign, by filling out the form below or contacting us at expert@emfluence.com.

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