About the Conference

The emfluence And Then Some Conference is THE conference for email marketers and digital marketers in the lower Midwest. The And Then Some Conference gathers our region’s brightest digital marketing minds and coolest marketing automation thinkers under a single roof. This conference offers hands-on learning tracks for B2B and B2C digital marketers, with dedicated content designed to answer your challenges and inspire new ideas. See how our marketing network puts marketing automation and email to work in their marketing plans, plus learn the latest in SEO, paid search marketing, web development, ecommerce, social media, campaign management, and more.


The 2019 Speakers and Agenda

The 2019 And Then Some Conference gathered nationally recognized email marketing and digital marketing experts into a single space. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C marketer, we carved out sessions for you to learn from case studies, experts, and big brands. In 2019, we featuring sessions from:

Really Good Emails Logo

Live Feedback Friday Session

We’re thrilled to announce special guests from Really Good Emails at this year’s conference! If you love Really Good Emails as much as we do, you won’t want to miss this keynote presentation! Join the Really Good Emails team for a live session of their popular web series, Feedback Friday, which looks at real examples of fantastic emails in the wild. Learn how really good emails are built, what’s great about the message and design, how to plan for awesome emails of your own, and more in this session. Plus, you can get involved with the session by submitting your own email redesigns! Here’s how it works: find an email you think needs a redesign, redesign it (either in code or design image only), and send it to hello@reallygoodemail.com with the subject line “emfluence.” Be sure to include your reasons for redesigning the email (which can be your own or a brand you love that needs a redesign). The Really Good Emails team will select a few of their favorite redesigns to discuss on stage at the And Then Some Conference, judging them according to legibility, clarity of message & hierarchy, on brand with company “feel,” strategy for reader/audience, ability to drive action, and if the design is realistic.

David Amirault Presents: Making the ‘Bird Soar

Find out how David Amirault led Snowbird, one of the largest and most respected ski resorts in the world, to take their CRM and digital marketing strategies from green circle to a double black diamond in this award-winning marketing story. Dave Amirault, or “Digi Dave” as he’s commonly known, is a marketer with 20 years of experience in the ski industry. Most recently, he was the Director of Marketing at Snowbird in Utah and is now taking the summer off to travel, ride bikes, and hike with his labradoodle named Rudy. In 2018, Amirault received the National Ski Association of America’s Best Overall Marketing and Adweek’s 10 Best Print Advertisements awards for Snowbird’s One-Star campaign.

Tom Sather

Secrets that Successful Email Marketers Don’t Want You to Know

Tom Sather, Senior Director of Marketing, Validity

Email data and deliverability expert Tom Sather has worked with top-tier brands to diagnose and solve inbox placement and sender reputation issues as a strategic consultant with Return Path, recently acquired by Validity. As the company’s senior director of research, Tom is a frequent speaker and writer on email marketing trends and technology. His analysis of email has widely cited across leading business media outlets including the NYTimes, Washington Post, and the Associated Press.

Evolving from Touch Points to Trust Points: How Hill’s Pet Nutrition Created a People-Centric Digital Strategy

featuring Christy Borrowman, Director, Global Engagement, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. and Alison Mueller, Client Services Director, Red Fuse Communications

Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s digital experience began out of necessity, with a focus on using digital where Hill’s could win against their competition. Flash forward to today, digital experience thrives as one of the best ways for Hill’s to connect with both pet parents and professionals. Learn how the team overcame the challenge of connecting with these audiences across multiple channels and devices, meeting pet parents and professionals at every point along the digital journey. Christy and Alison will share their journey in building a connected consumer experience for Hill’s by shifting toward an experience-led, people-centric brand. Plus, they will discuss what those shifts mean in terms of their people, process, planning, and technology infrastructure moving forward.


What’s Now, New, and Next in the emfluence Marketing Platform

Presented by Dave Cacioppo, emfluence
We like to say that the emfluence Marketing Platform is so intuitive, you’ll swear it was built just for you. Join this session for a look at what’s new this year and what’s to come soon.

B2C Learning Track

Using Coupons for Highly Engaged List Acquisition 
Presented by Susannah Sulsar, Avadim Health 

Susannah SulsarAvadim Health, for their Theraworx Relief brand, created a retail manufacturer’s coupon campaign, executed via paid Facebook ads which drove to a landing page.  While the landing page did not require opt-in (only email address) to download the coupon, Avadim saw a very high percent of opt-ins. Which is impressive with a double-explicit opt-in.  Better yet, tracking 90 days later, this new audience is highly engaged with ongoing newsletter content and offers.  Susannah Sulsar, Director Strategic Intelligence (a fancy title for a multi-hat wearer) for the brand will talk about the goals of the campaign, how it was set up and why *that* way, what partners were used, how long it ran, and of course – the results! And because everyone likes to hear the dirt, she’ll even share all the cringe-worthy obstacles along the way.

Getting Everyone on Board the Same RV: Creating a Data Roadmap for Winnebago
Presented by Jessica Best, Barkley

Jessica Best

When you have 30 products owned by three different company teams, but the world thinks of you as one megabrand… you may find interesting ways that prospect and customer data is stored (or not stored). In 2019, Winnebago wanted to prioritize data-led lead assignment, scoring, and nurturing across their call center, email marketing, direct mail, and more, and they knew they’d have to untangle the data system first. With a vested interest in a unified database, their agency of record, Barkley, stepped into help map the status quo and prioritize their path to integration and unification of not just data but teams and processes.

Barkley’s Vice President of Data Services, Jessica Best, will share the roadmap to getting everyone on board the same vehicle (metaphorically) and some of the speed bumps they’ve encountered along the way. She’ll also give you the five warning signs to watch out for in data systems projects to make sure you don’t end up in a big pothole: stalled and with no way to get back on the road.

How to Sell Anything Online: Integrating SEO, Paid Media, and Email for ecommerce Success
Presented by Evan Yule and Erik Dahlstrom, emfluence

What does selling a tractor online have in common with selling plants or ink? You can sell all this and more successfully through an integrated ecommerce experience.

More often than not, ecommerce paid media strategies and SEO strategies are compiled and executed completely separate from one another. Each channel can learn from one another and run at peak performance when the two channels are integrated into one ideal strategy.

B2B Learning Track

Multi-Channel Marketing for the Win: Integrating Digital and Physical Marketing Efforts
Presented by Gina Danner, NextPage

Gina Danner

Multi-channel is more than direct mail with an email follow up. It’s more than social media, email, and digital ads. Marketing teams can no longer ignore the success companies are experiencing with multi-channel marketing done right. Landmines are everywhere when you add in channels and everyone stakes out their territories.

Questions abound: Email first or direct mail? When do you spend the big bucks on direct mail? How do you execute real multi-channel marketing when email goes cold? How do you maximize the team’s efficiency? And, how do you attribute success? In this session, attendees will hear real world examples of campaigns that have been successful and those that have been epic fails.

Happily Ever After: The Marketing Automation & CRM Relationship
Presented by Matt Thompson, Commerce Bank

Matt ThompsonAre your marketing automation and CRM platforms on speaking terms? Even if they’re happily connected, you may be able to squeeze more out of their relationship. In this session, we look at how to ensure a happy marriage of these technologies while avoiding pitfalls along the way. Where do we find opportunities to automate? How can we drive marketing and sales alignment? What story do we want our data to tell? We’ll look at specific use cases and answer the big questions.

Account-Based Marketing Meets Marketing Automation: Connecting Your Data Sources for a Personalized Experience
Presented by Natalie Jackson, emfluence

Looking for ways to make your account-based marketing program a bit easier on your sales and marketing teams? Account-based marketing programs take personalization to the next level, but getting your sales team, your data, and your execution strategy into a streamlined plan isn’t easy. In this session, you’ll learn how to prepare an account-based marketing plan that leverages your prospect data, your marketing automation platform, and your sales team to create a personalized, hyper-targeted marketing campaign that’s destined to convert at a high rate.

General Marketing Learning Track

Marketing Analytics: Learning to Decipher Your Customers’ Decision Journey
Presented by Matt Hertig, Alight Analytics

Matt Hertig

What’s really driving customers to take the actions you want? And why do some potential customers and prospects get lost along the way? Those have always been difficult questions to answer, but they’re even tougher in today’s omnichannel world, where there are hundreds of ways for customers and prospects to interact with your brand. But you can get the answers you need — with customer journey analytics! It’s the discipline of looking at all marketing touchpoints for all your customers to determine which paths are most (and least) likely to drive conversions!

In this high-energy session, you’ll learn:
-What customer journey analytics is (and isn’t) and how it can benefit your operation
-What you need to more effectively understand your customers’ journey to conversion
-How to overcome the most common obstacles to producing customer analytics
-A step-by-step plan to get started using customer journey analytics in your organization

Data Security and Global Data Privacy
Presented by Neil Watkins, Asureti

Privacy regulations and consumer awareness regarding personal data use continues to increase, and thus marketing approaches must also evolve. Following last year’s standing-room only presentation on GDPR, Neil Watkins joins the emfluence And Then Some Conference for a second year to explore how the marketing landscape has changed and what we can expect next.

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Email Design
Presented by Dave Cacioppo and Andy Perdue, emfluence

What’s the right email header image size? How much whitespace should you allocate in the body of your email? Is your thumb really 44 by 44 pixels? Following our sold-out Beer + Learn on the ins and outs of email design, we’re bringing this session to the big stage at our conference. Come prepared with design questions of your own, and don’t forget your notepad: there are LOTS of numbers and actionable takeaways to be had at the end of this session!

Times and Sessions to Mark on Your Calendar

8:00 a.m. // Registration and Breakfast

8:30 a.m. // What’s Now, New, and Next in the emfluence Marketing Platform, David Cacioppo, President/CEO of emfluence

9:00 a.m. // Breakfast Keynote: David Amirault, Making the ‘Bird Soar

10:00 a.m. // Breakout Sessions

B2C // Using Coupons for Highly Engaged List Acquisition, Susannah Sulsar, Avadim Health

B2B // Account-Based Marketing Meets Marketing Automation: Connecting Your Data Sources for a Personalized Experience, Natalie Jackson, emfluence

General // Marketing Analytics: Learning to Decipher Your Customers’ Decision Journey, Matt Hertig, Alight Analytics

11:00 a.m. // A Live Feedback Friday Session with Really Good Emails

12:00 p.m. // Lunch & Networking

1:00 p.m. // Afternoon Keynote: Tom Sather, Senior Director of Marketing, Validity

2:00 p.m. // Breakout Sessions

B2C // How to Sell Anything Online: Integrating SEO, Paid Media, and Email for ecommerce Success, Erik Dahlstrom & Evan Yule, emfluence

B2B // Multi-Channel Marketing for the Win: Integrating Digital and Physical Marketing Efforts, Gina Danner, NextPage

General // (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Email Design, Andy Perdue & David Cacioppo, emfluence

3:00 p.m. // Breakout Sessions

B2C // Getting Everyone on Board the Same RV: Creating a Data Roadmap for Winnebago, Jessica Best, Barkley

B2B // Happily Ever After: The Marketing Automation & CRM Relationship, Matt Thompson, Commerce Bank

General // Data Security and Global Data Privacy, Neil Watkins, Asureti

4:00 p.m. // Evening Keynote: Evolving from Touch Points to Trust Points: How Hill’s Pet Nutrition Created a People-Centric Digital Strategy, Christy Borrowman & Alison Mueller

5:00 p.m. // Happy Hour

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Who Should Attend

The And Then Some Conference is for strategizers and producers. Whether you’re a hands-on email marketer or digital marketer who spends your days in the thick of email, social, and marketing automation or leading your marketing team’s overall digital strategy, we’ll have content and specific takeaways you can apply to your goals.

Check out what to expect:

Hotels and Accommodations

The And Then Some Conference is held at the College Basketball Experience in Downtown Kansas City. There are many hotels nearby, restaurants and shops within walking distance, and it’s just a short 20 minute drive from the Kansas City International Airport. Want to stick around for a weekend in the city? We recommend a stopover at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (10 minutes away), a trip to the World War One Museum (quick streetcar ride away), and all the barbecue you can eat (we all have our favorites–just ask us).

College Basketball ExperienceOther Nearby Hotels Include:

Ambassador Hotel, 11th and Grand Blvd.
Hotel Phillips, 12th and Baltimore
Hilton President, 14th and Baltimore
Kansas City Marriott Downtown, 12th and Central

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Previous Years

Since 2009, the emfluence Conference has served as the go-to conference for Kansas City’s email marketers. Over the years, we’ve added in content for all digital marketers, and incorporated more sessions to accommodate information on marketing automation strategy, CRMs, social media, SEM and more.

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