Hospitality marketing is more than conversions—it’s transforming conversions into actual reservations. As you explore cost-effective ways to market your hotel and hospitality brand, consider adding in personalized, one-to-one communications that make every booking feel like a white-glove experience. Here’s what we recommend for our hospitality marketing clients:

Digital Marketing for Hospitality

emfluence has worked with hospitality brands both big and small on their quests for more visits and reservations. Based on our years of experience, a good hospitality marketing strategy for digital marketing should include:

Grow Direct Bookings Online

Want to generate more reservations? Start with your website. We use responsive web design, SEO, and pay-per-click advertising to develop highly effective programs that keep your phones ringing and your reservation queue full. By ensuring your website is mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and set up to take advantage of local SEO, you can attract new visitors and welcome repeat bookings in style.

Market Unique Campaigns to Every Location

Every location your hospitality brand offers is special, and your digital marketing should reflect that. Using geo-targeted campaigns and a robust content strategy to engage would-be visitors, you can uniquely showcase what makes each location stand above the competition.

Leveraging Email to Keep Them Coming Back

Tapping best of digital marketing, we create and deploy on-brand email campaigns that connect your hospitality brand with the people who already love you. We’re experienced at leveraging text messaging, email, and social media to bring guests back through your doors—whether that’s at their favorite location or a new destination in your brand network.

Reviews and Influencers

We’re in the era of social proof. Who books a reservation with you often starts with a review or a recommendation—and you don’t have to leave what’s said to fate. Target your key guests and loyal advocates and find hospitality-oriented social influencers to help you promote the messages you want placed in front of new guests, and learn from your wins and mistakes for future campaigns.

What We Recommend in Hospitality Marketing

Search and Paid Media

Conversions aren’t a goal, but reservations are—emfluence understands you’re interested in guests, not clicks or conversion on your website. We can help you build a website presence that becomes the foundation of your hospitality marketing strategy. emfluence will help you determine what to rank for—and how to get there—through paid search campaigns, targeted social media spending, SEO, and a cohesive review strategy.

Email and Marketing Automation

A good email strategy is key to creating a network of engaged repeat visitors. emfluence specializes in email strategy, and we can help you build campaigns for everything from Cyber Monday campaigns to sending birthday coupons, location-specific information for vacationers, rewards emails, and more. Best of all, we can help you connect your email strategy to SMS—and automate the hard work for you.

Website Design and Development

From reservation systems to search functions, ADA compliance, security features or just a more user friendly design, emfluence’s design and development team will transform your website from a landing page to a hub of guest information and accessibility.

Content Strategy

Do you know what makes your brand special? And are you effectively communicating that message to your new and returning guests? A solid, information-based content strategy can help your visitors find your locations and know what to do once they get there.

Now What?

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