The Challenge

AwardYRC Freight is the largest subsidiary of YRC Worldwide Inc and specializes in less-than-truckload freight shipping. YRC Freight created an online shipping portal that allows customers to price and schedule their own shipments. While there are also free shipment booking tools available to anyone, registering as a user provides additional benefits: discounted rates and time-saving features, such as shipment tracking, manifest management and access to invoices. For YRC Freight, the portal offers the ability to communicate directly to their target audience, maintaining visibility and garnering repeat purchases.

YRC Freight offers an online quote form where businesses can book their own shipments. While use of it is free, YRC encourages users to sign-up for a portal account to receive discounted pricing and additional services – leading to repeat purchases. YRC noticed that many people using the public quoting tool did not have online accounts, despite the benefits of creating one.

Working with emfluence for email strategy, YRC created a two-part email nurture campaign targeted at the non-account-holding users of the public quoting tool encouraging them to register for an account. The first email is triggered immediately after someone uses the online quote request form and it’s determined that they don’t have an online account. The two triggered emails are sent over two days—a time frame when the person is most likely to engage—with a call to action of account creation.

The Solution

For the two-part email series, YRC and emfluence leveraged two types of email creative—the first email, deployed the day after a user without an existing account generates an online quote, is an HTML email that includes images and visually attractive representation of the benefits of creating an account. The second email is triggered two days later and is text only. This email also includes the benefits of creating an account, but the removal of the images ensures that recipients who don’t download images will still see the full message. Additionally, the creative reinforces the benefits of registering for a YRC Freight account, specifically that you can get better shipping rates. This message was expected to resonate with the audience, as it included shippers who were using the online quote form without a YRC Freight account, likely unaware of the cost-saving benefits an account provided.

Automating the campaign allows YRC to communicate with online quoters immediately following their interaction, capitalizing on the positive experience and incentivizing sign ups with better pricing and time-saving services.
-With the primary goal to increase account creations and a secondary goal to create visibility around the account creation benefits, the campaign produced the following results:
-39.5% unique open rates
-5.5% Unique CTR
-13.8% CTV
-14.7% increase in Create Account Conversion Rate (Nov 18 to Jan 28 YoY)
YRC Freight Advantage Lead Nurture Campaign slide #0 YRC Freight Advantage Lead Nurture Campaign slide #1

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