What if your ads could literally stand out? What if your ads stand out so well, they appeared to be touchable as if you could physically interact? Insert 3D ads. These ads help bring an image to life and offer an interactive experience to consumers.


3D ads consist of an interactive 3D model embedded into a banner ad. These ads allow consumers to view and interact with a product from multiple angles in extreme detail. Let’s say you’re selling a pair of tennis shoes. The shoes would appear as if they are hovering in front of the consumer. Then consumers would be able to engage physically by rotating the shoe through touch or click interaction to see multiple angles of the toe, heel, laces, and the sole. They could then add more visual detail by customizing the product size or color. Such interactions provide the viewpoint of an in-store purchase as if holding the product, making the experience personal, memorable, and nearly tangible. It’s as close to the actual product as possible.


The Benefit of 3D Ads

Why are more brands moving to 3D ads? As new technology emerges and new choices become available, more and more ads will vie for a consumer’s attention. On average, a consumer will see around 4,000 to 10,000 ads a day. As the number of ads increase, the amount of exposure received drastically decreases. Many consumers see ads as intrusive. They have learned to either ignore ads, what the advertising community calls “banner blindness,” or eliminate them from popping up with ad-blocking extensions or apps. 3D ads have an advantage and are visually appealing. They virtually stand out and offer a unique, interactive experience.


The number of online purchase decisions and transactions have grown tremendously, making ad competition real. 3D ads create an opportunity for keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of consumer attention and demand. They are recognized for their dimensional aspects as if they are popping out of a desktop, laptop, or mobile screen. They provide consumers viewpoints at different angles and in some instances, allow for customization of products creating a personal and unique consumer experience.


All of these enhancements lead to an increase in engagement because the ads are both exciting and entertaining. The interaction allows the consumer to engage and evaluate the product before clicking the call to action creating a more qualified consumer decision in the conversion process. 3D ads have proven higher website traffic with a lower bounce rate, and conversion rates have been as much as 35% higher over static ads banner ads. The return on ad spend (ROAS) dramatically improves:

  • 663% increase in sign up conversions
  • 376% increase in click-through rate


Ideas for Using 3D Ads

3D ads provide benefits to both the consumer and the advertiser or brand. A consumer can see more area when viewing scenic landscapes or tourist locations. The advertiser or brand benefits from an increase in total time to view and desktop hover time, meaning the consumer is thoroughly engaged in the experience.


3D ads can be used in several creative ways to communicate the brand message, the experience, and capture an emotional feeling or response.


Some examples of use include:


Take your 3D ads to the next level. Create a scene, capture a view, spark imagination, and appeal to emotions. What used to be flat is now popping out. How will you use 3D?


Get more ideas here: https://sketchfab.com/blogs/enterprise/news/3d-advertising/5-reasons-3d-ads

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