Looking for your next social media advertising opportunity? You might be surprised at the power of Pinterest—and how you can leverage it to boost your brand.


Pinterest is the land of interest. It’s an online, visual paradise. Unlike social media platforms with visual support like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a search engine relying on images and video to capture the attention of its over 300 million monthly users.

monthly pinterest users
Garnering over 2 billion monthly searches.


pinterest searches


Who is doing all this searching, and what are they searching?


Pinterest was once thought to be primarily used by women looking for recipes and DIY projects. Today, however, 70% of pinners are women with a growing number of men, now 20%. The other 10% are not identified by gender.

pinterest audience


Today’s pinners are looking for ideas and information beyond recipes and DIY projects. They are seeking the latest and greatest products from top brands (maybe even stumbling upon a new, up and coming brand like yours), and they are looking for information and expertise on how to be better and do better.


With the median age of Pinterest users being 40, and 40% of pinners having a household income of over $100k, there are plenty of opportunities to drive traffic to your site using Pinterest ads.


Four simple steps to getting started with your first ad on Pinterest.


Step 1 – Create your free Pinterest business account.

To easily manage a business and personal account with the same login, choose the option of adding a business account to your existing personal account.

  • Go to your account settings and choose Add a Free Business Account.
  • You will then receive prompts to add your business details beginning with name, description, business email address, and linking to your business website.


Pinterest also offers a couple of other account options.


Step 2 – Create your first Pinterest ad campaign.

Now that you have a business account set up, it’s time to create a campaign.

  • From your business account, select Create Ad under the Ads
  • Choose your campaign objective. For this scenario, we are going to select Drive Consideration/Traffic.pinterest step one
  • Name your campaign. Establish a naming convention when naming your first campaign that includes a descriptor or two like your goal, name of product or audience segment.


Step 3 – Set up your Pinterest ad group.

Your campaign is set up. Now it’s time to fill in the details on your target audience so your ad shows up for the right people at the right time.

  • Start by clicking on Ad Group located in your left sidebar.
  • Create your target:
    • Select the interests of your target audience that are also relevant to your brand. Learn more about interest targeting.
    • Choose a few keywords related to the ad you are promoting and most likely to be used in searches.
    • Fine-tune your target with demographics including age, gender, language, location, and device.


  • Set a daily or lifetime budget and the timeframe of your ad campaign.
  • Fill in the amount you are willing to pay per click or desired action.


Step 4 – Create your ad or pin.

pinterest step two

  • Add a visually appealing image.
  • Title and describe your pin. Remember to include keywords relevant to your topic.
  • Add your site or destination page URL. This is where you will drive your traffic.
  • Hit Publish.


These are fundamental steps, and once you get started, you’ll find ways to narrow your target by creating a custom audience. Learn what’s working and what’s not by testing your creative and observing engagement through the available ad reporting.


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