email marketing benchmarks 2017

Email Marketing Benchmarks 2017: Part Two

Congratulations, email marketers! We made it through the final two months of 2017, that magic time of year when the average inbox sees a 50% increase in email traffic. Now that our inboxes are cleared of flash sales and holiday cards, it’s time to take a look at our Email Marketing Benchmarks 2017 Report for the second half of the year. (Missed Part One? Revisit it here).   If you’re new to the Email Marketing Benchmarks Report, this is our twice-yearly dive into the email marketing metrics compiled by our […]

Email Marketing Benchmarks 2017: Part One

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Measuring is the mantra of the digital marketer—it’s the determiner of a campaign’s success or failure and an influencer in where we put our dollars.   If you’re routinely reviewing your own email metrics, you’re off to a great start—and even better if you’re comparing your data year over year. But measuring your own data is just the first step. Without benchmarks to compare your numbers to, how do you know if what you’re doing is truly successful?   That’s why […]

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How Huttig Takes Email Personalization to the Next Level

You're using first name personalization and maybe even location in your email marketing campaigns, but are you wondering how far you can take personalization? One of my favorite examples is from Huttig. Thanks to the smart team at ER Marketing (and the variable content block functionality in the emfluence Marketing Platform), Huttig's emails take personalization to a whole new level. The red boxes in the examples below are all of the pieces that change based on a customer's location. From using a variable "From Name" to inserting the regional rep's […]

Using Cool Automation to Give New Customers a Warm Welcome

Banks and Credit Unions call it “onboarding:” A series of communications that cultivates the relationship with a new customer and provides an opportunity to (eventually) talk about other services that they could provide for the customer. The rest of us may know this process as a “welcome series,” “lead nurture campaign,” and “customer loyalty campaign.” It’s all the same – and it’s great marketing automation! At the 2014 emfluence Marketing Platform User Conference, Jenny Nichols from CommunityAmerica Credit Union and I shared their 5-part, 90 day “honeymoon” onboarding email campaign, […]

wise ways to use video in email marketing

Last year, Sara wrote a blog post highlighting our client, Rush Wade 2, for their use of sharing an animated GIF via email. In another email in that campaign, they used "video" in email, too. They overlaid a big, enticing play button on a still from their video reel, encouraging users to play the full reel. In the last couple of years, video in email has continued to grow as a way to engage email subscribers in a crowded inbox. In most inbox clients (Outlook, Gmail), video won't play "in-line" […]


the secret to great subject lines in email marketing

We do a lot of subject line testing around here at emfluence, so we recently took a very unscientific poll among our staff to see how well we, professional email marketers, can choose the best performing subject lines.


how to design your emails for your audience

The blogosphere may be buzzing about mobile-responsive email templates and video in email, but the bottom line is – if you want to optimize your email design to boost your open and click rates, you’ve got to know where and how your own audience looks at your emails.

Pinterest uses adaptive email layouts

One of the world’s social media darlings proves why email + social = love. Pinterest has been a model user of email marketing since their first full year as a social medium. Have you ever received a Pinterest email on your phone and seen the same email on your desktop? Notice the clever shift between mobile version and desktop version? It’s a simple 2-version email…

notes & takeaways from the 2011 emfluence User Conference

Whether you attended or if you didn’t get the chance, the notes will be worth gold. Take a peek at the top takeaways from the three keynote presentations at the 2011 emfluence Marketing Platform User Conference.

a lesson in wow: Helzberg proves their reputation for great customer service

Helzberg Diamonds offered a deal last week that seemed too good to be true… and turned out it was. Their online system had a glitch and their advertised “surprise savings” were a surprise even to them! These are the moments that define a company’s reputation. There are a lot of lessons to be taken from how Helzberg handled the potential catastrophe.

offering value in exchange for an opt-in: a look at Chili’s new email sign-up process

Best-practicing email marketers know a valid, opted-in, interested email address is worth revenue to your company, so you should absolutely be providing value to the subscriber in return for their opt-in. Sure, you could offer a coupon. Or maybe you could go a bit further? Chili’s Restaurants sure did.

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