You're using first name personalization and maybe even location in your email marketing campaigns, but are you wondering how far you can take personalization? One of my favorite examples is from Huttig. Thanks to the smart team at ER Marketing (and the variable content block functionality in the emfluence Marketing Platform), Huttig's emails take personalization to a whole new level.

The red boxes in the examples below are all of the pieces that change based on a customer's location. From using a variable "From Name" to inserting the regional rep's photo, they're using data to personalize two ways: to you, from me, a real person.

Central Florida email version            

For bonus points: notice that even the banner ads at the bottom change based on product availability in each market. Impressive! Knowing that personalization can drive up response rates up 30% or more, these guys are writing the playbook of best practices. They set a great example, especially for the manufacturing industry.

Not only did they use data to customize the email, they used data — specifically email open metrics — to reach back out with a reminder to recipients who didn't open or click the first campaign. This re-targeting garnered them a 25% boost in click through rate on top of the original.

Have you seen any other great personalization and data-driven content like this? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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