Marketing analytics aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet. When done right, your marketing analytics can guide your digital campaigns out of the realm of clicks and impressions and into the realm of cold, hard sales. emfluence specializes in crafting marketing analytics reports that are actionable representations of where you should take your strategy next. We’ll help you analyze the numbers, the trends, and the weaknesses so that you understand the full puzzle of your analytics. This is no numbers dump: this is a picture of your success and a roadmap to your future.


As marketers, an abundance of data is at our fingertips ready to help us make our next decision. From social media insights to website analytics to email and CRM data, we can use this information to tell a story. But it is easy to get lost in the details and chase a thread that isn’t relevant to what you are truly trying to find. Many call it “analysis paralysis,” but we think it’s deeper than that. Our Marketing Analytics services are designed to help you define your success criteria and build a story through data to show how you are progressing and what you should do next.


The Marketing Analytics Process

What gets measured, gets done—that’s the premise behind marketing analytics with emfluence. Our philosophy is that marketing strategy should be guided by performance, starting with how your current campaigns are performing. From there, we’ll let the numbers guide your goals—what do you want to achieve? Where are the best channels to achieve your goals? And finally, what will be the benchmarks for your success? Our Marketing Analytics Services include the following:

KPI Definitions and Data Requirements

We start this service with a collaborative working session to understand key business objectives (or at least key marketing objectives). In this working session, we will define the requirements for ongoing reporting as well as identify areas where there may be potential gaps in data. At this stage, we will also work with the client to define the core marketing channels that they would like to ensure are integrated in their reporting dashboards.


Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

The core of our analytics solution revolves around website activity. As the centerpiece of your digital footprint, it is extremely important to ensure you have accurate complete data in Google Analytics (or whatever your core web analytics platform may be). Through this audit, we will look at all the administrative settings to validate that they are set correctly. We will ensure you have effective filters, goal completions are defined,  cross-domain tracking is deployed if appropriate, ecommerce tracking, and various other settings. 


Cross-Channel Dashboards

Our cross-channel dashboards are designed to show you the important elements of your marketing strategy, including website analytics, paid media, organic search, organic social media, and email marketing metrics.


The emfluence Style of Marketing Analytics

emfluence will work with you to ensure we are following industry-wide best practices when it comes to data collection and marketing analytics. There are a number of services that we offer as part of our analytics solutions:

Analytics Implementation

Before you can measure, you’ve got to have the data in place. Analytics implementation starts with an understanding of what data we’ll need to measure to get the clearest picture of your digital footprint. Once we know what you want to track, we’ll handle the implementation for you.


Data Management

Digital marketing is all about the data, but who wants to manage that? We do! Let us take the pain-in-the-neck data management process off your plate so that you can get out of that spreadsheet and back into strategy.


Dashboards & Reporting

Whatever you want to track, we’ll build you the dashboard and reports to track it. From real-time dashboard access to scheduled reports on your website analytics, search analytics, email performance and more, we’ll take care of making your analytics visually appealing and easy to understand.


Now What?

If you’ve got an ROI you want to track, we’re here to develop the marketing analytics you need to get there. Learn more about emfluence’s approach to marketing analytics by filling out the form below or contacting us at

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