Good content inspires feelings, ideas, and possibilities—from your emails to your blogging strategy, your website copy, messaging, calls to action, and ad text, your audience gets to know your brand through the content you produce. Content is where your brand values live, and it’s how your clients and prospects get to know your brand. With the right content strategy in place, your content can transform casual website visitors into loyal followers.

No matter your goals, your digital marketing strategy should include content. But content marketing is not the same as having a solid content strategy—and that’s where emfluence is here to help. Whether your goal is to help your audience understand your value, drive new traffic to your website, or engage your existing following to take action, emfluence’s Content Marketing team can help you parse through your goals and provide you with the tactics to get there.


The Content Strategy Process

Yes, you’re right: you should be blogging on your website. But here’s the thing: a true content strategy is about more than blogging. Unlike content marketing, content strategy looks at what you’re trying to achieve with your marketing goals and informs how you’re going to use content marketing to get there. Content strategy will include all elements of content, from blogging to ad copy, integration of SEO and paid search initiatives, website language, brand messaging and more.

If that feels like a lot of copy, that’s good. Your content strategy should feel a little overwhelming, because it’s going to take a lot of copy to get your content off the ground. But the good news is that the emfluence Content Marketing team will walk you through everything we need to know for you to be successful, starting, of course, with your goals.


The emfluence Style of Content Strategy

Content Strategy Development

When choosing the right content marketing strategy for your business, our top priority is giving clients not only what they need, but what they want. Taking advantage of the emfluence team’s experience, expertise, and passion for digital marketing will empower you to choose the right digital marketing strategies and tactics for your business. Serving industry leaders in banking, retail, and manufacturing, to name a few, emfluence has a proven track record of content marketing success.

Starting with research, our content strategy development engages your existing marketing channels and seeks opportunities for informed expansion. We will help you determine what content you need, where you need it, and how to frame it to achieve the digital marketing goals you bring to the table.


Content Marketing

This is the fun part! We offer copywriting, blogging, creative strategy, and content planning expertise to help you identify your company’s unique selling point. You know your brand, and we know how to make brands shine online. We have an approach that puts your needs before ours, which ensures that your creative content will be geared to showcase your product or service and what it does best. 


Influencer Marketing

The voice of the consumer is powerful, and when it’s amplified by an influencer, your brand can reach new audiences and build new relationships in ways traditional marketing efforts cannot. emfluence’s Influencer Marketing services are designed to help you identify the right influencer markets for your brand—whether that’s social influencers, review sites, brand sentiment or otherwise—so that you can amplify your message.



Writing copy that sells is about more than claiming to be the best, or sounding “different” just to seem unique. The kind of copy that will make a prospect think, “Yeah, I need that!” is the kind that creates a relationship. Being honest, to-the-point, and conveying value in your copy will land you the click or phone call that you want. Crafting copy that suits your brand voice and image, while at the same time optimizing every sentence for its SEO value is a challenge that our copywriters tackle head on. Like everything we do, the copy we create for our clients brings results.


Now What?

Add these services together, and you’ll have one heck of a content marketing strategy. Let us help you determine the best places, tones, voices, and words for your content strategy by filling out the form below or contacting us at

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