As a healthcare marketer, you have an extra layer of challenges: from community visibility to HIPAA compliance, your job requires more than simply sending out emails or launching paid search campaigns. In order to get your message in front of the right audience, you’ll need an integrated strategy that takes into consideration privacy, personalization, and your brand of wellness education.

Digital Marketing for Healthcare Marketers

emfluence has a broad range of experience across B2B and B2C healthcare marketing—from B2B providers looking to drive awareness and partnership opportunity for their healthcare software, products, and services to traditional B2C hospital and healthcare group marketers looking to engage with their local communities, we have the digital marketing toolset and our fingers on the pulse of what’s next for healthcare digital marketing strategy. A good healthcare marketing strategy for digital communications should include:

Promote Your Wellness Offering
Whether you’re a B2B or B2C healthcare marketer, your brand has a unique wellness story to tell—are you prepared to translate that story to digital marketing? From developing an ongoing content strategy to promoting that content to your target audience via email, social media or lead generation campaigns, we’ll show you how to put content to work for your goals.

Target Account Campaigns for B2B Healthcare Marketing
Got a great product, service, or software tool that could transform the lives of healthcare providers and their patients? Your ideal client list is focused and unique—let us help you build an integrated strategy focused on your value proposition. From integrating physical and digital touch points to determining how and where to create a solid marketing list, we can improve your new client acquisition percentages with account-based marketing. emfluence can show you how to leverage a digital marketing strategy across multiple touch points to create individualized, powerhouse campaigns to your target list of key accounts.

Accessibility for Mobile and Experience
Finding your brand should be the easiest step in your customer journey. Buyers and patients are increasingly conducting research about hospitals (or new products and services) from their mobile devices first. Add ADA compliance to the mix, and you’ll want to be sure your website not only performs across multiple devices but also across the full range of physical abilities.

emfluence understands your requirements for confidentiality and data privacy in all that we do and develop for you. We’re experienced digital partners for today’s modern healthcare marketer, and we’ll ensure what you build meets the security and privacy requirements you need to protect your information.

What We Recommend


Content Strategy

A wellness-based content strategy ensures that your brand is placing valuable, educational content in front of your target audience—plus, engage-worthy content boosts your presence in search results. Whether you’re showcasing how your product, service or software improves the patient experience or simply promoting tips, tricks, and research to help your audience stay healthy, content production is a key element of your digital marketing strategy.

Email and Marketing Automation

Once you’ve laid out a plan for ongoing content production, you’ll need to support that plan with a distribution strategy. From ongoing educational newsletters to targeted announcements sent only to members of segmented lists, emfluence can help you craft a multi-faceted email strategy built to support your business goals.

Customer Surveys and Reviews

Did you know that more than 80% of patients consult review websites to gauge a healthcare provider’s reputation? There is power in your reviews—positive and negative. Creating a strategy for consistently asking for feedback helps you generate testimonials for use in marketing, increases the likelihood you’ll influence new patients to visit you, and gives you insight into what could be improved as part of your patient experience.

Search and Paid Media

Whether you’re managing a local SEO strategy for multiple physical locations or creating paid media campaigns to help healthcare providers understand the value of your healthcare product, service, or software, emfluence takes a goal-driven approach to developing a search-friendly strategy for your brand.

Website Design and Development

Have you considered ADA compliance for your website? What about security? Or friendly user experience? Whether you’re in need of a custom development or just an audit of your accessibility, we’ve got you covered.

Now What?

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