The Challenge

ArcaMax Publishing is a leading provider of family-friendly and fun content on the Internet. It syndicates news, comic strips, columns and other content through email subscriptions. It also operates, which allows users to read the first chapters of thousands of books for free.

When ArcaMax approached emfluence, was failing to acquire new authors and customers. The online publishing and book industry had become crowded, and the company had a limited budget for new customer acquisition.

The Solution

The emfluence team used paid search marketing, largely on Google, to attract burgeoning authors to, creating compelling ad copy that helped the website break through the clutter in a crowded category. Since ArcaMax had a limited budget for acquisition, emfluence steadily introduced more ads throughout the campaign while continuously testing, tracking, and promoting top performing ads to ensure the client's dollars were being spent on ads that were most likely to convert into new leads. As a result, conversion rates increased by 10% while the cost per conversion decreased by 7%, and clickthrough rates increased by 1.4%.
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We realized we needed an online strategy to get a new echelon of authors—and lots of them. If we hadn’t made this work, we very well might not be running BookDaily today. What emfluence has done has given us a predictable and scalable way for authors to discover who we are.

— Scott Wolf, CEO

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