Last week, our Marketing Nerd — oops Marketing Manager — Jessica Best headed off to New York City for the first Innovation Uncensored conference, put on by Fast Company. Here's what she heard from some of the smartest and most innovative people in business:

Sound Bytes from the Innovative

“If you have a success, it will be analyzed until it can be seen as a failure.” – Alex Bogusky, Co-Chairman Crispin Poter + Bogusky

“My job as CEO of Nike is to cultivate culture, not just change it.” – Mark Parker, President & CEO, Nike

“Nike makes some of the best products in the world… but you also make a lot of crap. Get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.” Steve Jobs’ advice to Mark Parker, President & CEO, Nike

It is ok to succeed. Learn from your successes. We don't learn from/revel in your failures. – Alex Bogusky, Co-Chairman Crispin Poter + Bogusky

“You are your own programmer. You can watch what you want when you want. Distributors don't hold the keys anymore.” – McG, Founder, Wonderland Sound and Vision

In a social media environment, everyone is their own creator, editor, distributor. It's empowering. – Sean Parker, Managing Partner, Founders Fund

“Now, with Social Media, it's not celebrity that's scarce or unattainable, it's privacy.” – Ashton Kutcher, Actor and Co-Found Katalyst

Words of Wisdom

“Give up 6-person focus groups in exchange for programs that harvest the power and voice of social networks.” – Anil Dash, Director of Expert Labs

“The largest social network is the web itself: from mail groups to discussion boards and more. It's not just Twitter and Facebook.” – Anil Dash, Director of Expert Labs

How do you collaborate, the technology and the marketing of something new? Anne Globe, Head of Worldwide Marketing and Consumer Products for Dreamworks Animation, asks three questions: What is it? How fast can we have it? What are the vehicles through which we can show it? Technology is so far ahead of what theaters have widely adopted!

“A rich intranet (internal network) tool is an important piece of keeping a massive company agile.” – Mark Parker, President & CEO, Nike

“Design-driven companies are more connected and customer-focused. That's why companies like Nike and Apple are successful.” – Mark Parker, President & CEO, Nike

Fun Facts from the Conference

When Walmart said they wouldn’t carry any laundry detergent that wasn’t double concentrated, non-concentrated detergents virtually disappeared from the market. A change from them is a change in industry. – Jeffrey Hollender, Chief Inspired Protagonist, Seventh Generation

The first Shrek was 7 terabytes. The upcoming third (in 3D) is 75TB! The heart of the story and characters has stayed the same, but audiences will experience Shrek for first time in 3D – Anne Globe, Head of Worldwide Marketing and Consumer Products, Dreamworks Animation

The day is coming where any info being captured (videos, television shows, movies) will be available wherever and whenever you want it. Right around the corner, you may be able to skip the big theater release entire for the next huge movie coming out. Mobile service providers or companies like Apple will be able to offer that content exclusively on their devices/services. – McG, Founder, Wonderland

Innovation Uncensored was put on by Fast Company magazine, highlighting some of their Most Innovative Companies, hosted in New York City 4/21/2010. For more content from the conference, visit


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