Embarking on the path to successful customer relationships involves navigating through distinct stages, each holding its own significance in the grand scheme of engagement. In this video, I shed light on the intricacies of the customer journey, breaking it down into five key stages: Awareness, Consideration, Convert, Loyalty, and Advocacy.

Today we’re going to talk about all the different stages of customer journey. There are five stages in the journey, and the first one is awareness. The second one is consideration, the third is convert, the fourth is loyalty—and finally, the fifth is advocacy. And those are the stages we’re going to talk about today. This is the first part of our four-part series on customer journey.

Stage 1: Awareness

In the awareness stage, where are people finding you? They’re finding you on your blog. Maybe they’re clicking on a paid advertisement. Maybe they’ve heard you speak at a webinar or some sort of an event. It’s really important to make sure that the brand is represented consistently across all of these channels.

Stage 2: Consideration

Now, in the consideration phase, they’re also finding you from your emails. Maybe your sales folks have started picking up the phone and calling people.  Those are some key areas to make sure, again, your message is consistent.

Stage 3: Convert

The third stage in the customer journey is the convert stage. Now, this is actually where people have a contract. They’ve signed the contract. They’ve moved from knowing who you are to now actually being a customer of yours. Where you need to show up for them is through training videos, through conversations with your customer success team. Your sales team is transitioning from being the main point of contact. Now it’s customer success or customer support depending on what your business does. Those are the areas where you need to really show up and be present for these customers at that stage in the journey.

Stage 4: Loyalty

The fourth stage in the journey is loyalty. Now, this is where you want to keep your contacts engaged. You want to keep people engaged with your brand. So you are probably sending out a regular newsletter. They’re not necessarily going to Google to find you anymore. They’re actually going to your website and logging in. And so maybe if it’s a software company, you would be very present within the software, maybe promoting new products and services within their login environment.  

Stage 5: Advocacy

The fifth stage in the journey is the advocacy stage, and that’s really where people are talking about you to their colleagues and talking about you to their friends, maybe even family, depending on what kind of business you’re in. They also could be more engaging with you on social media, potentially are giving you really great NPS ratings. You might want to encourage them to give you a review on a review site, and that will help fill your funnel on the other end.

Those are the five stages of the customer journey. Stay tuned for part two!

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