Email is more relevant and engaging going into 2022 than it has ever been.  


As the new normal set in for 2021, marketers continued to send email (not surprising). They have set goals for 2022 and plan to evolve their marketing programs.  


Success is dependent upon what your objectives and KPIs are. They are unique to each email program and having the right tools in place will help you achieve success.  


What will email marketers be doing and where will they spend their time? Personalization, dynamic content, and responsive design are all on the list for the year ahead.  


Having a holistic view of all marketing efforts (including email, social, SMS, content) enables marketers to deliver messages when customers want them. It also allows for highly personalized campaigns which we will dive deeper into this month.  


Based on the report, we have some recommendations on how to optimize your email marketing strategy in 2022:

  1. Set objectives
  1. Document priorities
  1. Pick partners


You can learn more about all of this in our State of Email Marketing report.  


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