Thanks to the National Speakers Association Kansas City chapter for hosting me as their February presenter. I get to do a lot of social media for emfluence clients, but it's just as fun to talk to fellow professional speakers about how to use it for ourselves! A few of the tips?

Use Those Testimonials! When people loved your presentation, you're now a lot more likely to be able to see it right away. Audience feedback doesn't lay silent for weeks at the bottom of a paper feedback pile. Keep an eye out for tweets about how great you were. Thank them (!) and ask if you can share their comments on your website.

Video Works. No matter the industry, no matter the product, video is trending upward. As our device can play them faster and more seamlessly and as our devices can capture them more easily, short videos with inspiration, education, and point of view can help share who you really are with your potential clients. And as speakers… We're usually not shy in front of a camera!

Go Native Where It Helps. Facebook's rules are always changing, but the most recent update is that they're aiming for users to upload video directly to Facebook (rather than lose that traffic to YouTube videos shared via Facebook posts). Last week at an SMCKC breakfast meetup, we heard that posting a native video right to Facebook can get 120% or more increase in reach over a shared YouTube video.  It's worth a quick upload to both places!

Peruse the full slide deck below, thanks to SlideShare, with the 5 6 Things You Should Always Do and the 5 6 Things You Should Never Do. Plus, some great examples of speakers from Kansas City to California who knock it out of the park.

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