Join me in my latest video on the customer journey as I lead you through crucial steps to prep for a mapping session, highlighting the importance of thorough preparation—beyond just pen and paper. The meeting, a collaborative effort across various organizational facets, aims to pinpoint sales challenges, bridge content gaps, and enhance overall customer engagement. Learn how my strategic approach paves the way for impactful campaigns and a holistic customer journey experience.

Hey folks! Thanks for joining me today. We’re going to now be prepping for that meeting where we start to map out the customer journey. This is the third part in our four-part series on customer journey.  

Come Prepared: Beyond Pen and Paper

The first thing you want to do is come prepared to the meeting. I’m not just talking about bringing a pen and paper. You really want to know what that best lead source is. We talked about that in our last video. So have five or six different customers who came from that lead source. They could be won, lost, or current customers. Maybe they’re only in the MQL stage or SQL stage, so they could be still in the funnel.

Once you’ve picked those five accounts, now you’re going to assign homework. You’re going to ask everyone who’s coming to the meeting to come prepared. You want them to bring every touchpoint, every email, notes from the phone calls that they potentially have had—have them bring all of that to the meetings so that you can start to see the entire picture of everything, every communication that you’ve had with these clients.  

Bring Every Touchpoint to the Table

Bring every touch point that you’ve had for each of these different clients. You want to make sure you know how they found you and maybe what other channels they’ve engaged with you on. So potentially they found you through social media, but you’ve also picked up the phone and they’ve also subscribed to your newsletters. So again, all of those different ways that they’ve interacted with you on all these different marketing channels, and make sure the team is bringing these examples.

You want to see the emails, you want to see the tweets. You want to see any of the interactions, bring those samples to the meeting. Again, everybody’s going to have homework. This isn’t just up to the marketing team. It’s not just up to the sales team. Everyone from every different part of the organization is going to bring this information to the meeting.  

Strategic Marketing Insights

In this meeting, some of the things that you’re going to be able to answer are, where’s sales getting stuck? Is there something that marketing can do to help the sales team? Where are there gaps in the messaging? Maybe you see that there’s a lot of messaging for top of funnel folks, and then there’s very little when they get to the sales team. So really understanding that there’s not enough content at that stage in the journey.

What does that content look like? You can start to brainstorm ideas, get ideas from sales. All of this is going to help you identify campaigns that are going to help move the needle forward. It’s also going to allow you to identify the ways that you can improve the entire process for your prospects and leads.

Post-Meeting Insights and Engagement Strategies

Some other questions that you’ll be able to answer after this meeting are, what are ways we can engage with our current clients and current customers to increase the number of folks that leave us a good review? Are there things that we can be doing better? Asking them that on a regular basis, sending out a survey potentially could be one of the ways to understand where we can be doing better and getting that straight from them.

Another thing you can answer is what are some ways that marketing can support the customer support and customer success teams in turning those customers into advocates? How can we as marketers better support them? What are some programs that we can do?

Thank you so much for joining me!


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