LinkedIn has completely overhauled their LinkedIn Group’s experience, and I have to say that I am loving it. Back in February, LinkedIn completely scrapped their standalone Groups app, in an effort to reintegrate it back into the core user experience of the platform.


Last month LinkedIn introduced their new and improved Groups experience and here is what you can expect to see, according to LinkedIn group director of product Mitali Pattnaik:

  • Enhanced group participation
  • Group activity notifications
  • Access anytime, anywhere


Check out all of the exciting details that Pattnaik shared in her recent blog post.


So, what does all of this mean for us avid LinkedIn users? All of these updates and new features are aimed at making a more seamless experience to assist us in building our professional communities. One of the main goals with the new Groups was to provide a more user-friendly way for professionals to connect with one another in a shared space where we can discuss trends in our chosen industries, share ideas, plan networking events, and connect with those who share similar interests.


To further enhance the quality of the conversations and connections that people are able to make with other members, group members are now able to share images and videos, as well as follow along with replies and @ mentions within the groups experience. All of these functionalities are now directly built-in and accessible in the main LinkedIn website and app, for both IOS and Android users – so make sure you go and update your app.


Want to know the most exciting part of all of this? There are even more enhancements and features that LinkedIn will be rolling out soon. According to LinkedIn, we will soon be able to:

  • Navigate groups more easily
  • Start and join group conversations right from our newsfeed
  • Discover new groups that match your interests


It appears as though LinkedIn is making great strides on enhancing their overall user experience by making it easier for you to connect with other like-minded users in a format that is functional and intuitive. I am all for the changes that LinkedIn is making to provide for a better groups experience, but I would be curious to hear what you all think! Comment below with your thoughts on LinkedIn’s latest updates, as well as with what you’d like to see from the career and business professionals’ social network.


Want more information regarding LinkedIn Groups? Check out their Help Center here.

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