Today Instagram announced that it will be lifting its previous 15-second cap on video capabilities in favor of the new 60-second format. For a long time brands have been confined into figuring out ways to share their message on the social media giant in a 15-second format. With 4x that amount now available, brands have more time to get inventive but why the big change all of a sudden?


Why Have Longer Videos?

The change in video capability comes from the reported surge in video views from Instagram's internal analytics. The social media platform reported a 40% growth in video views over the past 6 months and reported that they want to give more flexibility for creative expression from the brands and people that you love to follow. I'm sure we will all see a drastic change in content on Instagram as brands, celebrities, influencers and everyday people adjust to the new potential allowed by this update.

Watch the offical announcement video from Instagram by clicking the image below:

How Does it Effect Me?

First of all, the update will not be available to everyone immediately but will roll out over the next coming months according to the official Instagram Blog. The update will also feature the ability to host multi-clip videos on iOS if you have version 7.19 from the Apple Store. The biggest way that the update affects your company and brand is that you now have more freedom to express yourself in whatever capacity works well with your audience.

Time For a New Strategy!

As with any change in the way you have been interacting with your audience and consumers, now comes the point when we get to test our demographics all over again. Instead of viewing this as a new release from a company just as you were getting used to the platform, view it as a challenge to engage with your audience more than ever before! Try out new formats that you haven't previously used or spend a little more time on the narrative element of your message. With 60 seconds of time available, people are going to expect more of a story than we are currently accustomed to. Whatever your approach may be, don't shy away from a new opportunity to have a lasting impact on your audience!



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