It is all too common that digital marketing agencies narrow their focus on only the trendiest marketing tactics. Everyone is buzzing about the latest feature of SnapChat or the newest PPC ad style on Google. You see countless blog posts, social media posts and think-pieces hailing the next great thing in digital marketing.

What’s worse is that so many of these digital marketing agencies then push their clients toward executing these “Tactics of the week” without a full understanding of what they can actually do for the client and the results they can deliver. It’s the marketing equivalent of throwing stuff up against a wall and seeing what sticks.

This method will undoubtedly leave you with disappointing results, and probably leave you asking why.

At emfluence, we don’t think that’s the way we should be doing business. Sure, we are always looking to innovate, and that requires a willingness to embrace the latest and greatest marketing tactics. But we only do so when those tactics fit our clients’ marketing goals. We’d rather execute upon the proven, foundational elements of a marketing campaign if that means the best ROI for our clients.

You see, there is much more that goes into a successful marketing campaign than just the flashy copy or an interesting image. That’s all on the surface. Like an iceberg, most of what makes a marketing campaign work is under the water, unseen until closely examined. Without this strong foundation, your marketing campaign won’t have any long-lasting impact.

That’s what separates emfluence from most marketing agencies. Sure, we love the sizzle of the latest and greatest marketing trends, but we know what you really want is the steak. Our marketing campaigns are built upon tireless research, proven tactics and the intuition of experts, not empty flair.

A Strategy-First, Data-Driven Approach

A marketing campaign with emfluence always begins with research. We evaluate all of the elements of your digital footprint and identify the pain points and pitfalls customers may experience when interacting with your business. We take a look at your competitors as well, as some of these pain points may be common throughout your industry and your competitors can offer insight on what to do or what not to do. Others may be specific to your business and require some internal reflection to solve.

We then compare our findings with your marketing goals and see what may be standing in the way of achieving these goals.  It’s a time and labor-intensive process, sometimes taking weeks before we have a clear path forward.

Optimization For Better Results

Even then, we’re not done. We always take the time to install the foundational elements that allow us to track success before executing the campaign. These elements can be as simple as creating a Google Analytics dashboard customized to our marketing goals or as complicated as building tools to collect and track audience data. To us, this is critical. We want to know when and what drove your customers to convert, and who those customers are.

Unfortunately, this step is often skipped by marketers. Once an agency or business gets excited about the tactics of a campaign, it’s easy to get anxious to jump in and get started. But without those foundational elements in place, you can’t improve and optimize your efforts down the road.

It’s important to understand that no matter how great a marketing strategy and campaign may be, it can always be improved and optimized. Sometimes that means tweaking the copy of an ad to improve click-through-rate, testing different email subject lines to get more opens, or adding new pages and copy to the website to rank for more keywords. Without those foundational elements to track what works and what doesn’t, optimization is nearly impossible. If the campaign so far has had disappointing results and you don’t know why suddenly you’re all the way back to square one.

The emfluence Difference

At emfluence, we understand why these foundational elements of a marketing campaign are so important, and that guides everything we do for our clients. We build campaigns that collect data we can act upon, then use that data to improve results. It’s not always the flashiest strategy, but we know it gets our clients the best returns.

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