What’s now, new and next in social media for marketers?


In the ever-evolving world of social media – from platforms to platform enhancements – the landscape is looking great for marketers in 2019. Let’s consider five new social media tactics to try in 2019.


Tune and Improve Your Facebook Ad Targeting

Ad targeting via Facebook got a great upgrade this year with the introduction of household income by U.S. ZIP code. In simple terms, this means for any given zip code, there’s an average income per household marketers can now consider when filtering their ad recipients.


For example, a filter for the top 10 percent of household income by ZIP code produces an audience pool of over 18 million Facebook users.


Specific income brackets can be targeted as well, so marketers can customize creative based upon the needs or products typical of people in that income bracket. Because it would be a privacy violation to identify specific income ranges, Facebook lets advertisers choose income levels based on where the user’s household income lies in a percentage bracket. There are 4 brackets: top 50 to 25 percent, top 25 to 10 percent, top 10 percent, and top 5 percent. These segments appear in the Detailed Targeting field under Demographics > Financial > Income.


Retarget users who looked at specific questions on Quora

Since its 2017 launch of its ad platform, Quora has been steadily rolling out enhancements to compete against larger ad platforms that have more functionality.


One great improvement is the ability to target a user based on what answers they are reading on the Quora platform. For example, if a Quora user is reading answers about how to keep their driveway clear of ice and snow, it’s highly likely they are in the market to buy snow shovels, deicers, or even snow plows.


To use the new targeting feature, in Quora Ads Manager, as your targeting type select “Question Targeting”. Next, in the targeting subtype section, click “Show ads to users who previously read about a question”.


You can tune this further by specifying the time range that users visited specified question pages, including, “the last 30 days”. Finally, add questions you want to target.


Increase user engagement across Facebook’s messaging ecosystem

Facebook will unify their three messaging platforms. Those are Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. With the unification its three separate properties, Facebook advertisers gain a competitive edge, and the unification will improve user engagement across Facebook’s messaging ecosystem.


No matter which Facebook platform they’re using, the unified messaging infrastructure potentially simplifies brand communication with customers. This may significantly benefit a brand’s Facebook ad budget and strategy.


Share posts across multiple Instagram accounts

While Twitter blocked users from posting identical content across multiple accounts last year, Instagram has taken a different approach.


For social media managers and marketers who overseeing a brand with multiple Instagram accounts, you can now post your content and messaging across multiple accounts. This saves both effort and time.


It’s likely true that managers of multiple brand accounts already use a social media management tool to plan and coordinate activity on Instagram, this new feature provides enhanced flexibility within the app to directly post the same content across multiple accounts. For managers on the go, this might be an optimization of their time.


Leverage Reddit’s new CPC ad functionality

Cost Per Click advertising is nothing new, but it’s new to Reddit in 2019. Through the Reddit ad dashboard, the platform’s new performance-based ad unit can be bought with cost-per-view (CPV) and cost-per-impression (CPM) ads.


In an effort to attract more brands, the new CPC ad units will allow marketers to execute direct response campaigns across mobile and desktop and will be delivered as either promoted post or a link.


According to Reddit, the new bid-type ad offering is the first major step the company has taken to open up more ad inventory on the site while expanding its performance business. Reddit’s CPC ad campaign objectives including conversions, traffic, video views and reach.


Reddit says its CPC ads are the first of several upcoming performance offerings, with expanding capabilities coming to campaign management tools, reporting and ad targeting.


Want to give these new tactics a try in 2019? Let us know what you’re doing this year in the comments below, or send us a note for help at expert@emfluence.com.

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