As I was wrapping up an email for an upcoming event promotion, my pal Elton reminded me, “Be sure you send to the Kansas City list, not the National list in the account.”

And my stomach did that familiar little backflip it does. The Email Marketing Nightmares backflip. And I started thinking of all the email marketing nightmares that make that flip. So I thought I’d compile a list that explains why email marketers all have Send Anxiety. Enjoy!

5 really bad days in Email Marketing that would make you vomit, a.k.a. the Nightmare List:

  • “I was working on an email for next week’s flash sale (feeling really ahead of the game)… and accidentally sent it immediately instead of scheduling it.”
  • “I proofed, signed, sealed and scheduled our new product announcement email and as soon as it hit my inbox I saw the misspelling…”
    • Bonus points if the misspelling turning the product name into a potty word.
    • Even worse if you didn’t notice it until your CEO forwarded you the email.
  • “I did proof it! It looked perfect on my computer. And everyone else got broken images.”
  • “My email went out with:
    • TEST/PROOF/NOT REAL/PUT SOMETHING HERE in the subject line.
    • [FIRSTNAME] (The actual words, not the intended merge tag) is the first word in the body copy.
    • The buy now button never got linked or got linked to last month’s expired offer.”
  • “It’s out and it looks great! Whew! Wow, that’s a lot of auto replies… Is that person on this list/in this segment? Wait, WHICH LIST DID I SEND THIS TO???” (Seriously, that makes my stomach drop to even type…)

What did I forget?

To avoid these types of days, I leave you with a Fun Friday mantra: Proofing for life!


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