Search Engine Optimization…yes, it might sound daunting and intimidating, but did you know there are a few quick and easy ways you can improve your site’s SEO?  Today, we are going to get crafty by sharing some do it yourself optimizing. Let’s begin!


One large way to ramp up your SEO! Getting your business’ name out there on other well-ranking sites is crucial. Here are a few ways to work with link building.

  • Reach out to companies that are related to your business/industry and work with them to possibly get mentioned or listed on their site. For example, if you have a dog walking company, work on getting inbound links from dog stores or vet offices, animal shelters, add your company info to dog walking directories, etc.
  • Creating a company blog with fresh, newsworthy content, with links to previous posts. Starting a company blog is free. Blogs allows for conversation between visitors to your site, and you can link to other posts and back to your site.  Linking back to previous posts, if applicable with a certain topic your discussing, your post will be stronger and look more authoritative. We update the emfluence company blog constantly with posts linking back to each other and of course with helpful content for our audience.

  • Download the Moz Bar when deciding what sites to get links from: use this tool to check out a Domain Authority (DA) or Page Authority (PA) of a website.  The higher the DA & PA, the better to get your site linked from that website.

Competitor Backlinks:

A great strategy to see what inbound links your competitors are getting.

  • Use tools such as Analytics SEO or Moz’s Open Site Explorer.
    • These tools allow you to search what inbound links your competitors are receiving and you can reach out to these websites to get your website listed or do outreach. Be careful with what sites you decide to reach out to. Be sure to check their DA. If they have a low DA, don’t bother trying to get link juice from them.

Guest Posts:

Strategic partnering.

Look for local, popular bloggers you could approach to possibly do a guest blog post for an exchange of them doing a guest blog post on your site. By guest blogging on another company website, you can link back to your company page, and vise versa if the guest blogger will want to agree. When looking for local bloggers, be sure to check their DA & PA so it’s worth spending time writing a post for a reputable site you would want links from.

Site Content Optimization & Keywords

  • Keep content new, use keywords, and avoid duplicating content on landing pages. Google doesn’t like duplicate content on difference pages. If you have a situation where this occurs, try a rel=canonical tag. Here’s what this tag does: let’s say you have three different pages with the same content on each page. Adding the rel=canonical tag to the page you want Google give authority to will eliminate confusion in the search engine.
  • Optimize the text on your website so there are as many highly searched keywords as possible. (You can use the Google Keyword Planner to rate keywords.)

Now these tips are easy, simple and some of the just basic do it yourself strategies. If you’d like a professional company to do more digging into improving your SEO, we do beautiful SEO work at emfluence. Take a look at our awards in SEO work in. Get in touch with emfluence today, we’d love to help you!



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