At the emfluence User Conference last month, our CEO and Head Email Brainiac, Dave Cacioppo, gave a rockin' keynote: Email ROI: Let It Rock! Our users voted it the best takeaway content of the day, so we thought we'd share the good info. So, Dave, how do you rock your email ROI?

Get into inboxes of those you already know. If they said they want your email, you should send ‘em email!

  • Maximize your deliverability and be sure you’re getting into subscribers' inboxes.
  • Data accuracy is key to connecting with those who signed up: you have to reach them at their real email address.
  • Reconnect with lost subs. They wanted email from you once, now they’ve changed addresses or may not have ever gotten your emails in their inbox.

Get the most out of those you already know.

  • Segmenting and Testing are key to making the most of your list. Send relevant messages to the right people. You’ll know you’re doing it right when the tests come back with dollar signs in them.

Grow your list the right way.

  • Leverage the email lists of like products and services or business partners.
  • Use web forms to ask for an email opt-in at every interaction on your site and in online promotions.
  • Run an offline promotion or ask in-store clerks to collect email addresses at the point of sale.
  • Turn to Pay-Per-Click ads to get the word out to new, relevant eyes and be sure to collect email address on the lead form when the user clicks through. Best practice says not to pre-check the box or automatically opt them in!
  • Let your social followers on Facebook, Twitter and more know you’re sending out good stuff. Give them a heads up just before you deploy, offering a link where they can subscribe.


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