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Pacejet Doubles Paid Media Conversions

Pacejet had been engaged in paid media campaigns to generate awareness and attract new prospects. They invited the emfluence team to evaluate their strategy and provide recommendations on how they could increase their lead volume without increasing spend. In the first month alone, Pacejet’s media spend was down almost 50% during ramp-up, yet conversions were up 68% month over month, conversion rate improved by 140%, and cost per conversion improved 65%.

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Latest Diversity Initiatives at emfluence

Diversity Roundtable

Diversity Roundtable

Emfluence invited Haile Sims to our monthly roundtable to speak on the topic of Juneteenth. Sims is a dedicated community leader and seasoned professional, actively contributing to his community through various roles. He is deeply involved in local governance, serving on the Police Policy Committee, Planning Commission, and Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee. Chairing the Roeland Park Community Foundation and currently running for City Council. He also extends his impact beyond Roeland Park, participating in the Johnson County Diversity Equity Inclusion Coalition and the 10th District Judicial Nominating Commission. As President of the Advocacy and Awareness Group of Johnson County (AAGJC) and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, he leads community service initiatives across the Kansas City area.

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