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Send Joe's eCommerce Website Launch

Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que wanted to generate awareness and interest in their new "Send Joe's Bar-B-Que" service. That included driving traffic to their website as well as increasing the time spent on site and increasing their email subscriber numbers for follow-up email marketing campaigns. See how their launch campaign turned into a DMA International ECHO Award for Best Web/Ecommerce campaign.

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Send Joe's eCommerce Website Launch
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Weekly Emsights: COVID-19 Edition

Can’t make it to one of our Weekly Emsights Q&A sessions? We’re recording as many of these as possible so that you can have them in one handy spot. We’re putting together this series based on your feedback, so if there’s a topic you’d like to see us cover about how the pandemic has impacted digital marketing, be sure to ask us in the comments section. Week Two: Diagnosing Dips in Organic Traffic   Week Three: Pivoting Your Content Strategy with Authenticity   Week Four: Rebalancing Your Email Strategy During […]

How to Promote Content through Social Media

How to Promote Content through Social Media

You’ve completed the content writing process after countless hours of research, analyzing, writing, and proofing to end up with a conversion generating masterpiece, but now how do you start driving traffic to your content, outside of organic search? The answer is social!   The promotion of each post on your social network is just as important as organic search. To help you get more from each social media post, here are some quick tips for promoting content on social media.   Draft a social media promotional schedule using all relevant channels Using social […]


MQL to SQL: Planning Lead Routing and Sales Team Notifications

Consider the various ways you generate leads – inquiry forms on your website, webinar registrations, tradeshow events, outbound prospecting, etc. As diverse as the opportunities are for lead gen efforts, so too are the need states of the leads themselves.   Ideally, lead states should guide follow-up attempts. For example, someone at a tradeshow who’s interested in a product demo may be expecting a call soon, whereas someone who just attended a webinar is looking for nothing more than the educational opportunity you provided. How and when you follow up […]

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