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Send Joe's eCommerce Website Launch

Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que wanted to generate awareness and interest in their new "Send Joe's Bar-B-Que" service. That included driving traffic to their website as well as increasing the time spent on site and increasing their email subscriber numbers for follow-up email marketing campaigns. See how their launch campaign turned into a DMA International ECHO Award for Best Web/Ecommerce campaign.

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Send Joe's eCommerce Website Launch
marketing budget for 2020

Top Down or Bottom Up? How to Build Your Marketing Budget for 2020

How much do you need for marketing next year? Depends. How many customers do you want?   Budgets. Such an ugly word. So… constricting. There are multiple approaches to budget-building, but most are variations of either the top-down or bottom-up approach. As you begin your 2020 marketing plans, let’s talk about the differences, benefits, and downfalls of the two most common ways to budget for your marketing expenses.   When Should We Start at the Top? The Top-Down Marketing Budget. In a top-down budgeting model, an executive team reviews data […]

a guide to advertising with pinterest

Put a Pin in it: A Guide to Advertising with Pinterest

Looking for your next social media advertising opportunity? You might be surprised at the power of Pinterest—and how you can leverage it to boost your brand.   Pinterest is the land of interest. It’s an online, visual paradise. Unlike social media platforms with visual support like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a search engine relying on images and video to capture the attention of its over 300 million monthly users.     Who is doing all this searching, and what are they searching?   Pinterest was once thought to be […]

Google BERT algorithm

Google’s BERT Algorithm Update Explained

It’s been a few weeks since Google began rolling out its latest major search algorithm update, BERT, and many members of the SEM community still have questions about what this change means for search engine optimization and content marketing. For good reason, too. The sheer amount of speculation and “expert” guides that were published just days after the update was announced have made separating algorithmic fact from fiction difficult.   Thankfully, we’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you and put together a no-nonsense guide breaking down the key […]

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