Got a big website project in mind? We’ve built a handy calculator to help you determine how much business your new website will need to drive in order to pay for the design and development costs. The first calculator is for determining your ROI on an ecommerce site, whereas the second calculator is ideal for goal-based website redesigns, like increasing partner sales or visibility to certain lines of business.


ecommerce Website ROI Calculator

ecommerce website ROI calculations are generally based on average deal sizes and shopping cart conversions. To get started with our calculator, input your average deal size and your proposed one-year website cost. The baseline average shopping cart conversion rate is 3% (the default value below), but your specific conversion rate maybe he higher or lower. You can use our default or input your own as you see fit.

E-Commerce Return on Investment Calculator
How Many Unique Visitors Needed to Meet GoalHow Many Unique Visitors Need to Convert to SalesGoal ROI (x2 spend)



Goal-Based Website ROI Calculator

Not selling direct to consumers on your website? You can still calculate an ROI on that website! In this case, you’ll want to focus on annual revenue goals and traffic, which means you’ll need the following numbers:

  • Target percent increase in partner sales (e.g., how much of an increase in partner sales you’d like to see from the new website)
  • Your total annual revenue
  • How many end users are out there (e.g., how many people do your partners target)?
  • What’s the price of your new website project?

Determining these numbers–along with any other unique factors for your business model–will help you define how much traffic your new site will need to see in order to reach your goal ROI. Since this one’s a little more complicated, contact us at to get your individual calculation.

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